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    Post Question Help me choose my next phone

    I'm having similar issue but it's to due with carrier settings or modem settings but being on T-Mobile I have yet to have working volte once with this phone, or any data during a call, any call, anywhere, anytime other than maybe once when I first installed android 13 DP1 which had vo5G...
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    Post Question Can't use this folder To protect your privacy, choose another folder/ A12 QPR

    I use Mix explorer And I am able to access the data folders and obb folders with it. It's a neat file manager, replaced solid explorer for me, I ran into that same issue with solid explorer not letting me connect to the android...
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    Post Question Updated To (13) Dev. Preview #2 & Lost Vo5G For Voice Calls!

    they better include that feature when they release android 13 for pixel 6 series, i currently dont even have voLTE which is extremely annoying, even when i have 2 sims installed, if I make a phone call it disconnects my data on both lines and I am unable to use internet at all, its making me...
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [February 7, 2022] Pixel Tweaks for Pixels on Android 12

    Using a pixel 6 pro. Only other mods installed is the UNSN fix and systemless hosts I have tried other mods and whenever I have my navigation bar set as gestures control it does this. Only when I switch from gesture to 3 button nav In safe mode and then reboot does my phone work again, but if...
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [February 7, 2022] Pixel Tweaks for Pixels on Android 12

    im getting black screen after it boots how can i remove it? Update: i was able to get out of it by switching to 3 button Nav, if i go back to gesture control screen goes black
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    Post How To Guide Method to upgrade every month, without wiping data and retaining root

    In reply to op about loss of active edge: Oh btw instead of active edge, the pixel 6 has the double tap the back of the phone feature which does the same thing except you are not squeezing the phone to death. However they do seem to have removed the torch option :(
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    Post General First impressions - not great

    Android you swipe away from the edge of the screen, I find it much better than iOS as iOS requires a developer to code in that back button for the app, whereas android it's baked in.
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    Post General First impressions - not great

    This pixel has two things I hate on phones, curved displays and an in-display fingerprint scanner. However this is still much better than Samsung's bloated software, it's full of bloat and you feel it slow down and it's only fast and smooth for 1 year, then after that it starts lagging and act...
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    Post Question Alternatives to Pixel 6 pro?

    I was able to get mine either October 29-30 by buying the pixel with pixel pass or play pass whatever it's called, if I did direct buy it showed either out of stock or the earliest delivery would be the beginning of January. You might be able to boost your chances of getting it earlier by doing...
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    Post [ROM][Pixel 4 XL][11.0] [Clang 13] PixelDust Android 11 for coral

    Thank you, so that's why they would never show up lol
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    Post [ROM][Pixel 4 XL][11.0] [Clang 13] PixelDust Android 11 for coral

    It's all services, just tried installing the app fix but app did not install. :( I might try rooting next, for some reason on stock android I could not install Netflix or Disney+ and some other random apps for some unknown reason, usually if it happens it clears up after a bit and it allows me...
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    Post [ROM][Pixel 4 XL][11.0] [Clang 13] PixelDust Android 11 for coral

    Widevine is L3 on my pixel 4 XL running this rom any way to get it back to L1 without factory resetting and going back to stock?
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    Post [ROM] [11] [UNOFFICIAL] [OnePlus 8T] [EVOLUTION-X] [AOSP] [03/27/2021]

    Audio sounds terrible with rom, horrendously bad, doesn't matter what app. Edit, seemed james dsp glitched a bit reopened the app sound is back to normal Also this rom does receive messages from my Verizon sim, however does not receive calls with verizon (I know In header it says rom...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][kebab][11] LineageOS 18.1

    Dual Sim is not working, its only recognizing my tmobile sim not my verizon sim is there an issue with this rom recognizing verizon sim cards? Edit: It seems to not work with Verizon. also where is the google store version? do i flash gapps from (forgot exact url just a guess)? or...
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    Post [OP8T][OOS KB05AA/BA/DA] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

    my phone is not going to the MSL mode, when i try pressing both volume buttons then i plug the device in it just boots to fastboot please help also under variant it says SM8 UFS (or SMB UFS) nvm fixed works with my other pc, my laptop is just terrible for rooting and printing, never seems to work