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    Post [DISCONTINUED] [Kernel] [SM-910F] [SM-N910G] N4 AEL Kernel [SYNAPSE SUPPORT]

    How can I disable the Sview for all thing? My LED cover doesn't work as it gets registered as an Sview cover. The flag in Synapse just disables it outright and the LEDS don't work at all anymore. Nvm got it working.
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    Post ∆[HLTE/SPR/VZW][ROM][KERNEL][CM11][4.4.4] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Builds

    I always run at 1.1 and it's still nowhere near those figures. If we're flaunting SOT, here's mine from 2 months ago with S5 rom (X-Note) and Lean v3: Reddit users decided to downvote me, but then again HERP DERP TW SUX...
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    Post ∆[HLTE/SPR/VZW][ROM][KERNEL][CM11][4.4.4] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Builds

    How? I'm used to 7 - 10hr SOT with TW, but with temaseks I'm getting bad battery (4 - 5hr) using v128.1. Low brightness and wifi/4g on at all times. :/
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    Post [UPDATED][CLEAN][FAST]Stock S5[N9005 ONLY][V6.0]

    Downloading this to see if it has good battery life. Coming from stock rooted N3 rom with 9hr screen on time, I'm hoping this will get the same if not better since powersaving now also drops fps down to 30 while N3 keeps fps at 60. Also, since I'm nice I'll be seeding the torrent with 1...
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    Post [UPDATED][CLEAN][FAST]Stock S5[N9005 ONLY][V6.0]

    Does this have the same issue as the T-Mobile version (also works on N9005) where Contacts syncing does not work?
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    Post [ROM][N900x]RC ELITE TEAMS S5 Port V17 [08-07-2014]

    Same here. N9005. Says android.process.acore crashed.
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    Post [ROM][Porting] X-Note Galaxy S5 [N9005 ONLY]

    How do I get rid of that god-forsaken ugly battery icon? They are all low resolution as well as none of them having any padding on them making it look out of place. How do I get back to stock white KK/TW battery? GravityBox battery doesn't work either.
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED][4.4] Flat Style Module [UPDATED 15/01/15 ver. 1.20]

    Would it be possible to get better alignment? It is not centered.
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    Thread How to revoke superuser after user has enabled it?

    I have a switch where, when isChecked is called the app requests superuser the normal way. I however want to also add the ability to disable root when the switch is toggled back to off. How can I do this? My Switch's onCheckedChanged: if (isChecked) {...
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    Post Game streaming to other Android devices or PCs with Moonlight and GeForce Experience

    What does it take to run this at 1080p60? I'm pushing Limelight with SLI 780s and a GN3. Using Sixaxis wirelessly gets me a bit of input lag despite running 5GHz AC1300 (meaning bluetooths 2.4Ghz frequency shouldn't be interferring nor should it be getting interferred). Despite this, 1080p60...
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    Post [SEP-10][4.4.4-R2][1.3.7][hlte] AOSB Project - Run Over The Limit !

    Thanks a lot, man. Thay worked. Would it be possible to get an option to keep the navigation bar at the bottom when switching to landscape? I usually plug my device into a monitor when testing and debugging my apps. It would also look better as it could go translucent when placed at the bottom...
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    Post [SEP-10][4.4.4-R2][1.3.7][hlte] AOSB Project - Run Over The Limit !

    Im not getting 4G/LTE with Telenor in Norway. No clue what Mhz they use, but I'm only getting H/H+. Worked fine with TW
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    Post [APP][4.0+] EvolveSMS

    Bought the customization pack but it's not unlocking or downloading anything. When I try to buy it again the popup to buy it doesn't pop up. I've tried clearing cache and database to no avail. I have a confirmation email from google that the purchase went through, but alas. :/ EDIT ADD: Wrote...
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    Post [SEP-10][4.4.4-R2][1.3.7][hlte] AOSB Project - Run Over The Limit !

    Am i the only one not able to go past even half a day of battery with this ROM? Installed 1.3.0 as after coming from TW 4.4.2 and while the ROM is perfect for my use (my god the options!), the battery life I'm having is atrocious.
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    Post How can I let my user create a shortcut to an app, into my app (like a launcher)?

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply! That works wonders! Half way already. Thanks a lot. :D Now how would I go about having it so that the apps I select in the list of apps stay selected, then upon an onClick of a button they get returned to my fragment (activity)? And to have them saved after...