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    Post Has anyone flashed a 802S0 (softbank) to a S0V40(au) safely?

    I dont know but just backup and flash it, i think it should work
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    Post new update 55.2.A.0.630....A.2.66

    I have SOV40, i flashed j8110 uk pay monthly too but it still not work
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    Post new update 55.2.A.0.630....A.2.66

    Japan still on android 10, i flashed j8110 uk rom but my phone cant connect to the cellular network :)
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    Post [Xperia 1] Anyone flashed Android 11 ROM of J8110 to model 802SO (Softbank)

    Did you unlock the simlock? i have unlocked it online but when i flash j8110 custmized uk 11, my phone cant connect to AU network, it seem to be like still locked
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    Post Help Me please How to convert Xperia 1 Japan SOV40 to international

    Just flash international 1sim rom normally
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    Post Setup wizard bypass

    This is the problem bro, something wrong with my wifi chipset
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    Thread Setup wizard bypass

    i'm stuck in setting up screen, my g6 can not conect to any wifi cause the wifi chipset and now i'm at japan so i can't use mobile nework without using apn. Any method to skip setup wizard????? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Thread [Help] Flash global stock for SOV35

    I have an AU XZs and i wanna flash a global stock, so anyone can tell my how to do??? sorry my bad english :D:D:D
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    Thread Help: My acro s say " unlock bootloader allowed: no " how to unlock bootloader?

    Help: My acro s say " unlock bootloader allowed: no " how to unlock bootloader? how to unlock bl while it say " unlock bl allowed :no" ???
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    Post [TUT] How to Optimize your CM13

    can your cm13 rom able to use flash player?
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    Post [Q&A] [MOD][5.0 SUPPORTED][BeatsAudio]+[xLOUD]+[BraviaEngine3]+[Xreality] FOR ALL!!!

    sir, after i install your mod, my phone have no sound and xtremefx app always blank and auto close, how to fix????
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    Post [DEV] CM13 PROJECT All devs are welcome!

    Great! I'm in ---------- Post added at 02:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:02 PM ---------- We dont need to wait weritos share his rom for free
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    Post [ROM][NOKIA X/XL][PORT][UNOFFICIAL] Caramel OS v1.7 KK ROM 10-10-2016

    Nokia x: rote ration not work. Cant use sdcard as sdcard0