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  • The link for the i617 kitchen doesn't work and I can't find anywhere to download it. Do you know where I can get it?
    i think u come from VN, right? i'm from VN, but in case u don't, i msged u in English. i upgraded to win 6.5 on my touch diamond but i can't log in to web through 3G :( i'm using Viettel operation. if u know how to solve this, msg me soon :(
    Hi Nhathoa,

    Once again thanks a lot for all your great work

    Let me tell you an easy way to upload your work so that everyone can download it --> http://multiupload.com/

    1- Just 1 single upload for you !

    2- You file is automatically uploaded on many download sites
    Rapidshare (which sucks...), hotfile, megaupload (amazing speed), depositfiles, 2shared and many others...

    So it's as easy as before for you and much more easier for us (ain't that great?)
    Hi nhathoa, i'd really love your roms' its possibble for to learn from you to become a chef...? :):) You idea was brilliant... :)
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