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    Thread Question OP9P ROOT working with new 12 Open Beta build?

    So has anyone tried to keep root when switching to the new OOS12 Open Beta build released on 10/4/21? If so did you just do the same as doing a normal update? i.e. Going into Magisk before reboot and hitting the OTA button in the installer app.
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    Post Question Sim recognition issue

    I had the same issue and quickly found a fix. I bought a OnePlus 9 Pro and relegated this glitchy piece of junk to my desk drawer. Good riddance.
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    Post [Kernel]FrankenKernel🧟[oos]11[custom][8/8pro][13.1][clang 11.0.4]

    So seeing as there is an OTA update for oos11, how do we go about flashing the update and keeping root and the kernel?
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    Post HELP!! Used Flash Tool now I'm stuck

    Update: Nevermind, got it handled. Whew, thought I bricked my $900 phone.:crying::crying:
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    Thread HELP!! Used Flash Tool now I'm stuck

    So I tried to root using the flash tool in the guides section. Looked like everything was good but when phone rebooted all it says on the screen is Qualcomm CrashDump Mode. Power button and volume buttons are both unresponsive. When I unplug from my laptop, i hear the audible sound. Ideas...
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    Post Updating from OB9 to OB20 (Pie)

    I heard that, I followed the guide in the development section and got and error when trying to flash it. I'm on TWRP 3.2.3-1 as well.
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    Post [KERNEL] [February 5] ElementalX-PH1 4.12 (Android 10)

    So this kinda seems like a noob question, but when i boot into TWRP and hit the install button, the list of files that show are only ZIP files. How can I flash a stock boot .IMG from within TWRP? It doesn't even show my stock P boot image. Conversely I can't flash a .zip file from the...
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    Thread 2 questions about back to stock....

    So I'm going back to stock from TEKXodus with a SkyHigh kernel as I have decided to sell my N5 and go back to the Note 4. There just isn't enough development for the N5, and that's not to take away from the devs that have put their time and effort in, but I just finally accepted that CM13...
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    Post Can't restore note 5 to stock

    I'm curious too, did this you find a fix? I'm about to try to go back to stock unrooted TekXodus because I am deciding to jump ship and go back to a Note 4. There just isn't enough development for the N5 to suit my likings, and I'm starting to think there never will be. It's a shame I was...
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    Post Synapse settings for performance, speed and Battery

    You are exactly right, it will definitely burn up the CPU or the RAM or the GPU, or any number of things with these lovely new SoC's, that was why I said just like two or three ticks on the slider, I'm not talking about adding 20 or 30mV across the board or anything. I had problems with...
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    Post Synapse settings for performance, speed and Battery

    Voltage Help So in my limited experience with Synapse, Iv'e found that if you want stability when overclocking and running benchmarks, you need to raise the voltage as well. The only negative tradeoff to this is decreased battery life and probably a little more heat, but the advantages speak...