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    Post [APP][Android 4.4+][iOS 8.0+] XVacuum Firmware (Xiaomi Vacuum - Roborock v1/v2/v3)

    Hi, thanks for the great app. I have purchased a Roborock S6 in Taiwan. I'm aware that this is 3rd generation, so only Xiaomi signed packages may be flashed. My question is about voice packs - in both the Mi home and Roborock apps, I'm only able to download Chinese language voice packs (except...
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    Post [ICS][App][Modded] ICS Browser - fixed rotation issues

    This doesn't do anything. It doesn't work in Domination because it is an odexed rom and this app is deodexed. I odexed the app myself and bundled it into a flashable zip. I haven't tested the zip but I know the procedure works, let me know how it turns out. Remember to clear dalvik cache after...
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    Post [ROM][CM9][ICS 4.0.4][JUN27] Nova HD Rebuild v1.1.0 | LG UI 3.0 | Highly Customizable

    I'm pretty sure you didn't get arcee's permission to do this; not only have you published pretty much his work under your name, but you've also bundled gapps which is illegal - It's kept separate for a reason.
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    Post Camera mod on Optimus 2X, is it possible?

    The O2x's camera module is clearly different though, as you've pointed out. -.-'
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    Post [KERNEL][CM9] ironkrnL - vork's bastard stepson

    ironkrnL32-20111202h23v1 working smooth as a whistle, been going for a whole day no crashes no BSODs with some undervolting as well :)
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    Post [RECOVERY] CWM-based Recovery for Internal & External SD Cards

    In the internal version, change "choose zip from internal sdcard" label to "choose zip from external sdcard"
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    Post [Q]Extract boot.img on Windows

    It's not a yaffs filesystem.
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    Post [Q] Be Honest. :D

    If you don't use A2DP or FM radio then go for it. And if you don't know what they are you don't use them.
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    Post [Q] why a2dp and radio on modaco and not cm?

    Modaco's is based off LG's release, rather than publically available sources.
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    This commit effectively obseletes the ext4 flag, correct?
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    Post [SOLVED] Updater-script How to flash userdata in "data/data" with cwm???

    mount("MTD", "userdata", "/data"); package_extract_dir("data", "/data"); set_perm_recursive(1000, 1000, 0771, 0644, "/data/app"); unmount("/data");
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    Post Data-safe Disaster Recovery via NVFlash

    You can flash entire partitions with the nvflash download command.. There's even a guide to flash clockwork recovery using it on the G2x forums.. I assume you'd just change the 5 to a 7 to compensate for the different partition layouts but don't quote me on it. Sent from my Optimus 2X using...
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    Does this commit effectively obsolete the internal flag? Also, the 725 baseband is out and a ril is available.
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    Google translate really butchered that eh... Well the flags are simply awk scripts and shell scripts etc. You can easily figure it out from updater-script.