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    Post Z-Rom One ui 3

    Good job bro!
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    Thread A40 OneUi 3.1 port for A30

    A40 OneUi 3.1 port for A30 v1 Know that this is a test port and it doesn't have all functions working *Please read the installation to avoid bricks or bootloops* FEATURES • One ui 3.1. Obiously • A40 wallpapers • Debloat • Edge Panel • Edge lightning • Enchanced Processing Mode • Screen...
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    Thread Z-Rom v2.5 lite A30

    Hi guys, i share the zrom v2.5 for A30. It's a lite rom with heavy debloat, so , don't ask me for adding functions. Thanks to @Gollo99 and @Kovacs- for the help and optimizations Changelog *Samsung account removed *AOD removed *Vaultkeeper and Proca disabled, no need to flash multidisabler...
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    Post [Pie/10/11] [System-as-root] Multidisabler: disables encryption, Vaultkeeper, auto-flash of stock recovery, proca, wsm, cass, etc.

    Hi bro. Well, the A30 is weird, it doesn't work with the multidisabler because this phone has different files. Do you know how to disable vaultkeeper and proca on A30? Please, i need your help
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    Post Z-Rom v2.1 A30

    @turo2710 ahh okay, thanks bro
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    Post Z-Rom v2.1 A30

    What is that driver for? Why do you need it?
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    Post Z-Rom v2.1 A30

    Yep, i deleted that in the rom. It's difficult to add it... i'm a new dev and i don't know how to do that
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    Post Z-Rom v2.1 A30

    Nop, only A20 and A30
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    Post Z-Rom v2.1 A30

    Nop.. i think it will be when one ui 3 arrives officialy to the a30, july - august. V3 will have improvements but based on one ui 2 or 2.5
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    Post Z-Rom v2.1 A30

    hmm i deleted that... sorry bro
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    Thread Z-Rom v2.1 A30

    Hello guys, as you can see, i'm new here. I share the z-rom v2.1. it's just an improvement of the previous v2, not a final version like v3 (coming soon). Especial thanks to @Gollo99 , most of the optimizations are done by him. And @Soul_broker_1441 for the camera improvements. Improvements...
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    Post Illusion Os Oneui-2.0 Rom For A305F

    Nice job. Audio mixers are improoved or did you leave them stock?