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    Post Need help with "dead" blackscreen

    For those who have this problem, one of my family member A51 was dropped in water and had this problem. I tested every software reset factory and reinstalling official ROM. but the screen went off but voice assistant could be heard. screen worked properly in recovery mode. I gave it to...
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    Post [XPOSED] IMEI Changer & PRO [RANDOM IMEI Support] [Oreo 8+ Support]

    This app changes imei from the my phone (Redmi note 3 pro/Android 9) when I call *#06# then after reboot it is changed. however my career could still detect my original IMEI. I guess this app change it by software for just system app not bypassing career. The Developer could describe this topic...
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    Post [XPOSED] IMEI Changer & PRO [RANDOM IMEI Support] [Oreo 8+ Support]

    He is right. it seems this app changed IMEI for application. although you will get different IMEI from calling *#06# . if you find software like qualcomm-smartphone-write-imei-tool for your phone . probably you need a valid IMEI to replace it with yours. for example finding a registered cheap...
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    Post Battery Replacement Original? Where?

    to everybody who wants buy a battery or LCD. I tried 4 LCDs and 4 or 5 different batteries. All of them are rubbish. Buy a new phone or a secondhand device. I love Redmi note 3 Kenzo. even in 2020 it runs most of the things and developers cook android 10 for it.
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask any questions [NOOB FRIENDLY]

    Hello there. Can you tell me redmi note 3 kenzo have 2 different imei or use a same imei for both sim cards? Code for getting imei: *#06# I worked with imei changer and custom roms. I realized my Imei for both sim card are the same. I don't know is related to my customization or not. I saw the...
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    Post Redmi Note 3 PRO (SD) No Sound/Audio

    hello.it is an old topic. i hope it be useful for anybody else. a few days ago My redmi note 3 pro kenzo was damaged by water. after that when I turned it on, logo of my custom ROM was appear and boot loop ... First I think it was for ROM or kernel. I installed another ROM with other kernels. I...
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][FINAL][d722|d724] Resurrection Remix

    Hi everybody . Thanks to developer for this amazing ROM and his concern. Lg g3 724 is my father phone for 4 5 years . It used latest update of official LG ROM . Recently It gets stuck for working in most of the app and internal storage is too low , about under 800mb with just a few app like...
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    Post Pixel 2 Launcher + miui 10?

    it seems pixel launcher is not working on miui roms. it is ported for other based roms without miui environment. what is your fingerprint model? goodix or fpc? does your fingerprint work in miui 10 ?
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    Post Pixel 2 Launcher + miui 10?

    Hey, I don't know exactly can be installed pixel launcher in miui rom. 1year ago i could not. best experince about it is installing custom rom 8,9 android version like nitrogen , they are based pixel launcher experince but are not as good as miui performance and battery usage. how do you get...
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    Post [ROM][PIE - 9.x] OFFICIAL ArrowOS 9.x [Redmi Note 3]

    please tell me about battery and being stable. is it good for pubg ? most stable like miui stock ? tnx.
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 10 Hydrogen Port for Redmi Note 3 (KENZO)(Nougat)

    Whats your mean? Ans?!! Actually i did not have get it yet. I don't know what options that i check in recovery for backup. So i did not take a risk for changing nitrogen rom and installing all applications if it does not work. Check the bootleggers rom for pubg gaming.maybe useful...
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    Post [ROM] [Whyred] Redmi Note 5 China AI to Official Global Stable 8.1 Oreo []

    it seems xda forum going to die :( as i understand from official xiaomi forum, even you can downgrade in same the AntiRollBack version. china to global or global to china. there are 2 AntiRollBack versions. 3 and 4. I Don't know exactly 9.5.19 and 9.6.3 are in the same AntiRollBack version or...
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 10 Hydrogen Port for Redmi Note 3 (KENZO)(Nougat)

    Hey there, finally does fingerprint work for goodix version right now ? what about performance in game like pubg and battery consumption ? maybe i want to switch to original miui from nitrogen 8.1 os for better battery consumption and performance in pubg game. is it like to original miui in...
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    Post [ROM] [Whyred] Redmi Note 5 China AI to Official Global Stable 8.1 Oreo []

    Hello there. I'm using 9.5.12 default chines oreo 8.1 version. I have requested unlocking bootloader and it will be unlocked after 360 hours. My question is , What is the link for newer version of stable global rom redmi note 5ai ? Thank you.
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    Post [ROM] Pixel Experience 8.1 [AOSP][Kenzo][28-05-18]

    hey, your ROM is as good as original ROM and paid hours worked for it. but it can be better . 1- upload/download indicator not available by default. other similar apps is not so good. 2-goodix fingerprint is not worked. as far i understand it is global problem for goodix user because...