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  • hi i have a mt3g i rooted it along time ago and saw my self as an up and commin as far as flashing roms comes... untill !!!!! i flashed HTC Generic 2.73.405.5 with radio - from and now no matter what i do i get the stock recovery image... home +power = recovery image. down volume +power= recovery image. i have tryed everything i can think of did i brick my device? anyhelp would be sooooo great ! thanks ALOT
    GABe aka pup
    Last time i saw any Hostility for what-so-ever reason, the boot came out of the drawer.
    Hi nir.
    Did you feel any hostility in this forum as it can be seen you're from Israel ?

    -Sunny, Israel.
    Hi :)
    Fixed a lot of cool GSlide stuff including a Favourites feature.

    Check it!

    Go to the forum to download the latest release.

    Ciao :)
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