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    Post Screen on time

    This is the highest i've got recently. normally it still lasts around 6 hours. Dark Mode, Using Web apps instead of standalone apps, open source alternatives and not playing games. :P
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    Post Kernel 3.4.x For SGS?

    AFAIK, not anyone at the moment. it'll have to wait a little while. Sent from my GT-I9000 using xda app-developers app
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    Post [Q] Galaxy and playing 720p .mkv movies

    Diceplayer i'm using devil kernel with XL memory and without any problems. 720p videos work perfectly with Video player and Diceplayer. So try and see if devil kernel helps you out too. Good Luck
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    Post Cant unlock while incoming call

    Screen off and on does the trick yes pressing the power button which turns the screen off, then turning it back on makes the button respond again. Good luck
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    Post Gt i9000 Problem with Camera (especially video)

    which rom did you use previously. did you follow the instructions as stated on the CM9 Nightlies thread. I'm thinking this is caused by some installation problems, Try reflashing the ROM and see if it helps(with wipes if required). Good Luck
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    Post Calibrate ICS rom.

    Try Zdevice Test Try z-device test from the market and see if accelerometers are working properly. if they are acting weird then it might be a problem with the ROM or something went wrong while installation like required wipe not performed etc. Try doing a clean ROM install and see if it...
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    Post Install SlimICS (mobile running GB)

    if you have a rooted phone with CWM. Download CM9 rom +slim ICS ROM + Gapps Wipe data, Format System. Install CM9. Reboot to recovery. Install SlimICS and Gapps. Reboot and Enjoy. Good Luck
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    Post [Q] I have a Nandroid backup, but I can't restore it.

    GB and ICS have different partitions Afaik samsung GB stock rom and ICS have completely different partition configurations which makes a nandroid backup unusable. You might be able to bring back your phone if you flash a ICS rom and try to restore the backup. Good Luck
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    Post 2 questions for a update

    And also if you like features and options try out the Devil kernel. You can get swap, memory options, deep idle, battery life extender and much more. Good luck.
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    Post Ics kernel thread-- share your views [poll] + [discussion]

    Devil kernel is best for me giving speed and stability with good battery life. And also there are alot of options to play with to fit your needs
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    Post [HELP] .APK won't install

    If the install and copying to the system/app doesn't work it probably needs other files like framework and permissions. Hope the ROM guys can fix this up for you.
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    Post who is Nirose? Update he's real!!!

    I'm Nirose LOL you guys, i've not been active until just now since the board is all open for guests. i love the forums and have always been here just not logged in. :) The profile thing was just a test bot wandering around profiles a long time ago. No spam and harm intended. it isn't active...
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    Post [Q] which ICS ROM for samsung galaxy S i9000

    Try ICSSGS I've been using Onecosmic's ICSSGS ROM for a long time and it has been great for me. Its really stable and fast. Also i use Devil kernel for this ROM. And its increases battery life and speed through the roof. May be you can try it out too.
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    Post [Q] new 2.3.6 firmware GINGERBREAD.DDJVB

    Maybe you can take a look at this: this will teach you to install CWM and then you can use rooted ROMs afterward