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  • Hallå där!! Gillar verkligen jobbet du lägger ner på denna sida,
    du jag har en fråga till dig, jag vill installera om mitt tema på min touch HD som är helt "out of box" hur gör man igentligen?? jag har letat o letat efter en faq eller nått annat hjälpfullt, men jag hittar fanken ingen "steg för steg" lissta,
    skulle du vilja vara så vänlig och peka mig i rätt riktning??
    Glad Påsk!! //Magnus
    Hey Nisse, I was wondering if you could help me with the link for removing the sprint icon from the upper right corner of the default home screen. I tried the link you provided but it doesn't seem to work anymore...any help is greatly appreciated!
    Hi NisseDILLIGAF,

    I have being using for 3 years TyTn II and everythink was good. But today I bought a new touch pro 2 and I do not like clock. I like red one and how can I change as red clock,pls.
    Hej Nisse=)
    Jeg sliter litt med Panorama backgrounds:S
    Trenger jeg noe programm eller er det bare og bytte Manila-filene?

    Edit: Fikk det til nå=)
    Takker så mye for tiden du bruker på alt som har med Manila og gjøre=)
    Also i would like the original Sprint Touch Pro theme fond here:

    New Sprint Theme
    With Call History

    Sorry to bother you about this but i have searched and searched... looking for black fonts and the Sprint TP theme... and you answered both in different threads. But all the links i need are now dead I appreaciate your help
    Good Day,

    I was hoping you could assist me. I currently am trying to play with manila 2.5 files and use this applications ( that you created for find a file name. I found the following line:

    <Property> Name=Script File Value=".\Scripts\Calendar\CalendarAgendaViewScript .luac"

    Now I have used the app to try to get the file name but it does not appear to be there. I tried it with
    HTC\Scripts\Calendar\CalendarAgendaViewScript.luac = 7FEE9A97_manila
    \HTC\Scripts\Calendar\CalendarAgendaViewScript.lua c = 2996D293_manila
    .\Scripts\Calendar\CalendarAgendaViewScript.luac = 258323E6_manila

    None of those manila names are in the windows folder. am I using it incorrectly? does your program work with 2.5 or have they changed the hash used? I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,
    When i try to set up my hotmail acount on the phone it doesent stay there. I have to set it up every time and instead of seeing the mail direct under the e-mail tab i have to go out on thge web every time? Have any ideas?

    I'm really hoping you can help me. I have a Sprint HTC Touch Pro, and I installed the background4allpages with your sprint fix. Everything seemed to be fine, but then I went to the Music tab, and there is no background on the library menu. It is just white. Do you know of a way to fix this? or if I could add a curtain to the bottom, so I could at least see the icons. Thank you so much.

    [email protected]

    EDIT: After looking at another touch pro, I realized the background is supposed to be white there, however, the bottom curtain is not supposed to be transparent.
    hello, sorry for my english (i'am french) lol
    I would like to know if you have the same theme of "Sprint Theme" for the HTC HD (with the new TF3D V3 which includes the calendar ?

    Thank you,

    [email protected]
    Hi, I just got the at&t touch and I am tring to figure out how to take your manila files and turn it into a .theme file. Also what do I do with a manila files to make a mod ( ie:Sprint Transparent clock (manila file))...any assistance/direction would be helpful.
    Hi i saw this post but i have the same problem, my image at the background apears white... plz help-me...

    Sorry to bother you Nisse but I have the same problem as ccicchitelli and I've been scouring all over to see what the solution is. If you do find out the fix for this could you please tell me. If you need any information on what I've added to my phone please message me.
    hi there

    i've got a quick question for you

    can u telll me how to change my background for al tabs while using your 2d clock on my diamond

    mun's versions wrecks the clock
    and if i create new manila files they don't apear (FAq?)

    thanks in andvance
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