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    Post How To Guide GSI / Treble on S22 Ultra Exynos

    sims functional on crdroid?
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    Post [OFFICIAL] AOSP R Mod //CAOS11

    Before or after, both ok.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] AOSP R Mod //CAOS11

    Yes, if not updating from previous gsi of same type. All other cases need an factory reset. From fastboot: fastboot -w
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    Post [OFFICIAL] AOSP R Mod //CAOS11

    Did you make an factory reset? fastboot -w
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    Post [OFFICIAL] AOSP R Mod //CAOS11

    fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
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    Post [GSI][12] LineageOS 19.x GSI (A64B/64B)

    Sim cards not functional on S22 exynos, but that phh bug i guess
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    Post Question Legion Y700?

    The autobritness settings in the overlay are a bit to low. I try to mod it and post the apk here if i get it right
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    Post How To Guide How to change files in the directory /system with Magisk

    I have try this again, seems magisk creates an file connected to the replaced file. How do i make these files? I have some 200 apps in system that i like to disable. Would an "fake" apk disable these apps? Tested calendar app again, it replaces apk but as its in system/app it can not start the...
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    Post [AOSP 12.1] LeOS - ungoogled GSI

    LeOS-S-VNDKLITE-arm64-bvS.img Solved problem by moving default launcher to product/app
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    Post [AOSP 12.1] LeOS - ungoogled GSI

    Installed nicely but can not seem to lock nova as default launcher?
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    Post Question Y700 how about using the stock ROM outside of china

    Its functional even with stock rom. You can always use adb uninstall to remove unwanted apps
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    Post Question Y700 ROMs

    I get 1080 at amazon prime, can seem to get 4 k tho
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    Post Question how to delete edit system files apks

    There is an way to disable/exchange system apps with magisk, an post in zenfone 8 forums has the instructions. Mileage may vary thou:
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    Thread How To Guide Remove google and run your S22/+/Ultra with MicroG

    Here is an short guide on running your stock rom with microG Prerequisites You need root and magisk installed Use adb or some appcontrol app to uninstall all google parts: play, gmscore, etcetera. I use 1: Download Riru magisk module...
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    Post How To Guide How to change files in the directory /system with Magisk

    Tested to change a app: SamsungCalendar Copied the files to /data/adb/modules/ Want to exchange the samsung calendar to an other calendar app that cant be installed due to name conflict. Replace app?, seems no go