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Recent content by Nit.in

  1. Nit.in

    Post POCO F1 Screen Retention/Ghosting Image on custom ROM/Kernel [FIX]

    Thanks OP, this just made my day. The ghosting was intense for me and couldn't use the phone at night. Now it's fine ( was about to change display ). Also this issue is not exclusive to custom Roms/Kernels. I've seen this on MIUI with redmi note 4, have to shift colours and check on it.
  2. Nit.in

    Post 4100mah replacement batterry available on aliexpress

    Service centers Use Lenovo online 'contact Us' link and find your nearest service center. I've seen prices around 1350-2000 Inr.
  3. Nit.in

    Post Replace battery with Lenovo genuine one?

    The battery from maxbhi is out of stock, The ones from AliExpress costs 1100 INR with shipping, I just have to check with the Lenovo service center then. If it's not more than 2000 I'm ok with it. As zuk z2 form factor is too good.Will update later guys.
  4. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][LA.UM.8.12.r1] ReloadedOS [18-01-2021]

    Yeah man with less replies, we can really find relevant solutions much faster. I do remember the times when everyone helped with silly questions like 6-10 years ago on XDA. Lately people behave rude to OPs ,bossing around and stuff. Thank devs , we still have a community going on. Also thanks to...
  5. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][LA.UM.8.12.r1] ReloadedOS [18-01-2021]

    I'm pretty sure now you understand why few members and OPs are Salty to these questions? I still think it was nice of you to explain these procedures so far. But sometimes people shouldn't use Thread replies as Google search, asking around redundant question.
  6. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][LA.UM.8.12.r1] ReloadedOS [18-01-2021]

    Played Pubg mobile with phone case on, steady 40-60ms ( warp DNS). No heating for 30-40 mins on 'Performance' profile. Easily Reaches 390mbps on HATHWAY india. Stand-by is amazing with 'Battery' profile (2 days light use ). Good battery despite 80% restrictions. OP - Can you add...
  7. Nit.in

    Post Need a simple piece of advice regarding this phone

    Actually the customisations are just 'long screenshot' and better 'theaming'. Here have a look at this small video by out fello POCO user which explains clearly: iFnoOc00GXk ---------- Post added at 05:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:35 PM ---------- Unfortunately all face...
  8. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][sGSI][UPDATED]OxygenOS for beryllium[26/09/2019]

    My experience (review):eek:eek:s 9.0.17 The rom is smooth and fluid, speed is a tad faster than PE 10 beta. Not interested in synthetic benchmarks but pubg works flawlessly (smooth/extreme) , mildly warm near camera ( room temperature 34). Flashing volume ui fix results in 'systemUI not...
  9. Nit.in

    Post [r11] arter97 kernel for Poco F1

    can't seem to understand how to change from ext4 to f2fs. Lost all internal data with 'f2fs_fstab.zip'.I have internal backup so no probs. After changing to f2fs on /data partition , booting into PE 9.0 6/9/19 throws "Encryprion unsuccessful". I've seen some users were successful with...
  10. Nit.in

    Post Need a simple piece of advice regarding this phone

    The Hardware is good now (from what i've heard).All roms are pretty good. It's almost one year since i've got my hands on poco.I never noticed the display bleed unless I saw videos on youtuber's complains. Mine do bleed at the bottom, but that's very minimal and I never expected perfect phone...
  11. Nit.in

    Post Rom reviews!!! (No 1: Lineage OS)

    I came to Xda after a long time,before the days of Galaxy s3. This post, i'm reconsidering my decision to play with POCO development ;D
  12. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][8.0.0][STABLE] OxygenOS Oreo port for Zuk Z2 [SAFETYNET ✓]

    Hello, I flashed Oos V5.0.5 yesterday,I setup my Google account (everything synced) and left it without restoring my apps. Yet the battery drained 11% in the span of 8 hours.Is this only on my case or are you guys also facing similar deep sleep issue?.
  13. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][7.1.2] ViperOS v3.1.1 - Final N [DISCONTINUED]

    Guys are Magisk modules working for you all? This is a spectacular ROM with best overall performance but the only problem I face is that all of a sudden my Magisk modules stopped working after a Day from my clean install.Magisk root function is intact.
  14. Nit.in

    Post Twrp backup.stock rom

    please go and visit this official htc site to unlock bootloader of any htc device: http://www.htcdev.com/bootloader/ In the "select your device" list scroll down to the end and choose "All other supported devices". Now follow the steps on site.
  15. Nit.in

    Post [URGENT]Too much of battery drain and heating

    AOSPextended has great battery life.Lineage doesn't give much backup for me ;Now i get about 3.5-4 hrs SOT. use Greenify and CPU Hibernation app on all roms you use.