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  1. Nixie

    Thread WM2003 for Smartphone Motorola MPX200

    Hi to all, anyone can help me to find the new rom for Motorola MPX 200? I just bought some devices of this type but I have noticed that is installed the WM2002 version. Can you help me with one link or any suggestion? Many thanks
  2. Nixie

    Thread QTek

    My brother ask me this info: Can I upgrade my Qtek 1010 with update for XDA device? Can I upgrade on my Qtek 1010 to PPC 2003 (file released for XDA)? Thanks for any info M.
  3. Nixie

    Post Instructions PDF File on how to upgrade XDA to PPC 2003

    Re: Got Upgraded ROM Hi letfish can you share a copy so I can try it? Thx
  4. Nixie

    Post where can i buy on the net -screen protector for my xda??

    Re: where can i buy on the net -screen protector for my xda? The best for me http://shop.brando.com.hk/o2xdascreenprotector.php Byez
  5. Nixie

    Post another XDA SIMLOCK trick

    Re: ??? Please use MANIPULATOR ! Great program! and work very well
  6. Nixie

    Post Important change: mulptiple fora

    The new look is very good! Thanks :-D
  7. Nixie

    Post A method to fix corrupted GSM ROM xda.

    Are in English the files of eladsalad? Thanks
  8. Nixie

    Post How make an update

    OK thanks for your answer. Can I write to you if encounter an a problem with upgrade? Thanks Regards
  9. Nixie

    Thread How make an update

    Dear All, I request help for update my new XDA. Can you show me the best and sure procedure (stepbystep if possible) to update my new XDA? The expected update are ROM 3.15.15 and Radio stack 4.16 (thx eladsalad) Another question : The unlock (with manipulator) it must be made before...
  10. Nixie

    Post A method to fix corrupted GSM ROM xda.

    Thanks Eladsalad thanks for your work and info :-)
  11. Nixie

    Post connection with seriel cable

    Hi Richi, please see this section: http://xda-developers.com/connectors/ Modifying iPaq accessories Using the pinout of the XDA connector, you can now modify iPaq accessories to fit the XDA. XDA iPaq iPaq 36xx or 37xx 38xx or...
  12. Nixie

    Post mda crashes during radio update - any tips?

    Hi nasenmann, I do not know if I will be able to help you (Im waiting for mine xda) but as you have made the upgrade? Have you made a backup (if possible, I don't know )?
  13. Nixie

    Post XDA unlocked !!!

    Thx ! you are great! :wink:
  14. Nixie

    Post XDA unlocked !!!

    it is possible to lock the XDA and subsequently to unlock again the XDA? Example: unlock XDA (working) - breakdown xda (obviously it is only an example :? :x ) - :?: lock XDA :?: - repair xda - unlock again XDA :lol: :lol: :lol: