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  • Hello NLWaard

    Best wishes for this new year 2010
    Keep up the good work with ShellExtension

    Can you add this option?
    Open the default contacts via "menu buttons"

    Can you add this option?
    The ability to select the wireless manager SPB via "menu buttons"

    Thank you
    I am using Shellextension 1.4.3 and SPB mobile shell I have removed the recycle bin from the editor and have set the number of menu buttons to 0. I am trying to put icons where normally the Launcher/Contacts button are, but the SPB editor moves them upward and does not allow me to drop them at the bottom of the screen. Is there something extra I should do to make this work?
    Thx if you can find the time to answer me!
    its cool i was just wondering if there was something quick that i could do but i can wait until a newer version is out.
    is there anyway that you could tell me how to make shell extension 1.4.1 to fit a 320x320 screen im tryin to edit spb on my epix and i cant see the bottom part of the screen to accept changes and reset spb
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