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    Post I've used the ASUS ROG Phone 3 for ~1 month, so Ask Me Anything!

    Hi, no im not from USA, i just want VoLTE and Cellular Calling as option to enable on my network that supports both. I have other phones like say Essential Phone imported from USA and it just has toggles that always appear no matter what network you are on and if its supported or not, its up to...
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    Post Question to ROG 3 CN owners

    Can you take a look if you have the phone?
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    Post Question to ROG 3 CN owners

    Thanks for replay, What about WiFi calling?
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    Thread Question to ROG 3 CN owners

    Hi, can you please look in the Mobile Network option and see if you have WiFI Calling option unlock and VoLTE option unlocked? That will help me much. Thank you
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    Post CN Tencent Version ROG Phone 3 flash WW Version

    Can you please provide instructions?
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    If you converted your phone easily, why dont you post a step by step guide? That guy did. It will help many people.
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    Post I've used the ASUS ROG Phone 3 for ~1 month, so Ask Me Anything!

    To clarify, you have Chinese or Western model?
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    Post I've used the ASUS ROG Phone 3 for ~1 month, so Ask Me Anything!

    Hi, Are VoLTE and WiFI calling are hidden again like on ROG 2?
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    Thread Are Phones Based On same CHipset Have the Same Features/Modem? [Snapdragon 865+]

    So I wonder if Snapdragon 865+, have the same specs, logically the should. But based on info from gsmarena, The Legion Phone has worse modem then ASUS ROG 3 phone, says it has CAT15 vs CAT20 on ROG, also says G5 supports 2.5G vs 5G on rog I hope its a mistake, since im thinking of getting one...
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    Post No one knows how to install Global ROM on ROG phone 3?

    Here are the links to how to videos and files https://forum.xda-developers.com/asus-rog-phone-3/how-to/convert-rog-3-to-global-t4147693
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    Thread HELP: Galaxy Watch Active 2, Doesn't Route Calls to Synced Bluetooth Headset

    Hello, Please help me to solve this, otherwise this Watch thing is useless for my needs. I have Watch Active 2 LTE [dont use LTE, nor have eSim on my current provider, got it since it was almost same price and had more RAM] The watch synced with BT to ROG Phone 2. I have Bluetooth headset that...
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    Post [APP] [4.1+] ⚡ Network Speed - Monitoring - Speed Meter *Free REAL Promo Codes*

    24Y9Q4Q00N2D3UDVCBWVU3R - Used, Thanks Tried some others before, marked them as used
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    Post Cellular strength and throughput

    I can say one thing for sure, on Essential Phone and LG G5 before it, my LTE/G4 signal icon was always at the one line mark, always at minimum, dropping to zero [in my room at least] so i just had 3G enabled instead and had full signal. With this phone [CN version with WW rom] i get 100% 4G...