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    Post [ROM][Signature Spoofing]LineageOS 18.1 for Note10+ 5G/Note10+/Note10 Exynos

    Anyone got encryption and signature spoofing to work? Truely wanna use this rom but no encryption is a no-go. I mean Unlocked Bootloader + No Encryption = just boot to recovery and take all my data ... EDIT: Wild guesing but ist seems like is missing (SELinux disabled) which...
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    Post [ROM] [GSI][29.04.2020] crDroid 6.5 N970F, N975, N976

    Hey, i've seen that encryption is not enabled on your device. Are you able to activate it in setting and did you flash multi-disabler?
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 for Note10/Note10+/Note10+ 5G Exynos

    Yes, you're right. Its a bit messy here, which makes it hard to find the right information. I got my camera working by flashing the vendor-partion of Samsungs Stock Firmware from 2020-02-21. If you haven't installed Lineage OS yet, just revert to 2020-02-21 with Odin and start following the...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 for Note10/Note10+/Note10+ 5G Exynos

    Hey there, first of all; thank you for your hard work. I know building a ROM is not something done in Minutes! I got a lot of hassle to get this thing installed. After three Days of tries and reading this whole dicussion i was finally able to install LOS =D Now i got two questions: First is...
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    Post Wifi & Bluetooth wont turn on

    What info do you need? I got the device from a friend because it refuses to charge. Because of this fault he put it inside a locker in his Bathroom for about a year. I got it charging by holding down power and volume down for 30 seconds, plug in charger while holding down these buttons and hold...
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    Post Wifi & Bluetooth wont turn on

    Could someone be nice and check which file are in your /efs folder? Maybe i'm missing some ... mine is: /efs/ /efs/lost+found /efs/drm /efs/drm/sdrm /efs/drm/sdrm/data_agent /efs/drm/playready /efs/drm/playready/00003.PRV /efs/.files /efs/.files/.dx1 /efs/.files/.dm33 /efs/.files/.mp301...
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    Post Wifi & Bluetooth wont turn on

    I reflashed original Firmware, which shows the correct MAC under Systemstatus, but i cannot enable WiFi or BT anyways ...
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    Thread Wifi & Bluetooth wont turn on

    Hey, i got the same issue as mention here --> i checked /efs/wifi/ which contains the right MAC. Anyway i was not able to activate WiFi or BT. There are a lot file inside the efs folder so i dont think the...
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    Post [GAME] The Settlers III - Android and desktop clone

    Bump this up! This one needs some devs!
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    Post Linux4Tegra R23.1/R24.1 beta for the Shield Tablet

    Chromebook uses coreboot not uboot. :p
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    Post Linux4Tegra R23.1/R24.1 beta for the Shield Tablet

    Mainline Kernel Hey, shouldnt it be possible to install mainline kernel and arch linux since the Acer CB5-311 Chromebook which have a TK1 does work nice with mainline+mesa+nouveau. --> Arch Linux ARM | Acer CB5-311 Mainline. i tried to boot the kernel i got inside bootfolder of my Acer CB5...
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    Post Please help!!! Dev mode input/output error

    Somebody found a workaround . scroll down to comments or search for 2clobber" sorry for digging up NoDiskNoFun
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    Post [5.0+][HiddenOnScreenButtons]Playstation Remote Play on any Android Device [Root]

    Hey Eric, i have an TF101 with 4.4.4 on it. Remote Play gives me root error (88003001). I was unable to follow your tutorial because /data/app/ is not a folder in KiKat. With Lollipop it is AND remoteplay does work with but this rom does not work great with HW...
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    Thread Disable Headset-detection

    Hey Guys, i broke my headphone jack on my Sony Walkman (NWZ-F880) and now it does not deteced my headphones anymore. I searched the web and found varouis solutions but the only partly working one was SoundAbout. With that i am able to listen via my headphones but when i touch the connector the...
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    Post [Q] sony xperia z only has the red led light and phone wont turn on

    For me this does not work, but --> remove back and battery connect to PC --> blue led goes on connect battery do $fastboot continue no quickly remove PC USB and reconnect to charger with this process i was able to boot twrp or let it go to charger screen no my phone is charging. I'll let it...