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  • Hello nokser.
    You can help me solve this problem after Cooked ROM? I have port xip and sys-ROM after cooking and then up prompt. Sneakoscopes lost my phone and It appears on the screen with the word.
    "Cprog.exe" is not avalid Pocket PC appication.

    Thanks in advance
    hi sir plz can you tell me the step by step method of cooking a rom for Alphine and the softwares needed for it....plz help me out waiting for you
    Hi Nokser, first I want to thank you for a great work.
    I have installed the WM 6.1 - v.2.0 ROM for i600, everything is great but I can't enable the Internet Sharing.
    Is there a solution for it?

    Thanks very much
    Nokser... help me please...
    when i build os it show error like this "External component has thrown an execption"
    what should i do?? can you help me please... thanks...
    nokser... i build rom with your kitchen now, i porting with wm 6.5 do i copy all the sys folder?
    thank you so much for helping me... how can i make a kitchen for C6625? Or which kitchen i can use?:)
    ohh.. sorry... i'm gonna cook it by my self, can you advice me which kitchen will be good for cooking?? Or maybe can i combine with another WM 6.5 device ROM?
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