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  • hey, which ROM are you currently working on that is suppose to be done today/tomorrow?

    and what are you taking up to do for the Darchdroid one??

    sorry for the questions... just really curious about 2 ROMs right now.
    #VillainROM asks in a tweet 4 a mirror. I´ve a account 4 unlimited traffic by STRATO.DE.
    Aible 2 mirrow, if U will. twitter: LEM2k / mail: [email protected]
    Espacial need something for OTA? or just a ftp-acc?
    is it possible to include german language into the next VillainROM?
    So you will have more german speaking guys with your rom °°
    Hi Nathan, you said that I should PM you so you can help me with the slow loading 3D gallery.

    I am using your latest rom 5.22. I have an A-DATA 8gb class 6 card. I have no other problems with the gallery except for slow loading. What can I do to fix it?

    Thanks a lot for you help!
    Hey. Is there a way to port the theme from VillainROM 3.4 to VillainROM 4.X ?
    because i love this theme. Would be nice
    Hi, can you add more languages to the touch input on VillainROM 4 Beta2? Need more than English. :) Thank you, GREAT ROM :D
    Don't worry, looked a little closer (didn't have to look that close to be fair!). Donation on it's way, confirmation number 97C73794XW1364100. Thanks for all the work on the ROM, really impressive stuff.
    Hay nprussell, I love your work, and am also a donor.
    But I have a problem with the Bluetooth in the ROM 3.4.
    It lacks the advanced settings! My car can not be linked with the hero!
    27.02.10 in your ROM from which you have Sent for a donation, it is perfect. ( The Bluetooth configuration is perfeckt!
    Can they incorporate in your new ROM again?

    I dont know how expensive a Red Bull in UK is, but here, in Ger, its about 2€... Hope its okey...
    I love your work on Villain for Hero, man. its the best ROM i ever tested.
    But the knew blue design... :-/ i dont know, not my favorite colour ;-)
    The energystar bootloader was nice sarcastic detail... plz make a

    greez from germany
    hey. big kudos to you to this nearly perfect CF (VillainRom 3.4). nice port of SenseHero theme but could you pleaese change the selection-color again. green is way more pretty than ugly blue.
    excuse the inconvenience, I would try the new rom but I do not know how I can download it from the link please can you help me not be present in the discussion of public forum
    Hi nprussel. I would like to thank you for your work with a small amount of 5$. Confirmations number is 69500820KR697900W. Greetings aceman3000.
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