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Recent content by nrp31

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    Post [GLOBAL][EU][ROM]Stock ROM is now available

    Wouldn't this create problem with OTA? Even if it works and we flash Global ROM, anytime an OTA comes, we need to do this whole process again. Is that right?
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    Post [STOCK][FASTBOOT][CN|EU|IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X2 Pro

    So the problem is that system.img and vendor.img on EU ROM is bigger than on CN ROM. So you need to increase the partition size of system and vendor partition so that the EU ROM can be installed. I need to use my phone for some work so cannot try out the same. I have the CN version btw
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    Post [STOCK][FASTBOOT][CN|EU|IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X2 Pro

    Hi, I tried this but the phone keeps booting into twrp
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    Post [GLOBAL][EU][ROM]Stock ROM is now available

    Hello, Can you please link me to this twrp again. I am unable to get it Thanks
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    Post [STOCK][FASTBOOT][CN|EU|IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X2 Pro

    Hi, a dumb question but I have the CN Version. Can I just unlock the bootloader and then fastboot flash the EU version to switch the ROM?
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    Post Screen protectors for Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 pro?

    I've been using the 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass from GlazedInc. The price is Rs.450 and I have done a detailed review about it on the channel. Two major things I liked about this glass 1) Actual Curved Edges unlike the typical glasses which have flat edges 2)Black borders don't intrude into the...
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    Post Case and tempered glass

    I'm using the GlazedInc Curved Tempered Glass on my note 7 pro. It's Rs.450 but it has actual 2.5D Curved Edges (Unlike the typical flat edge glass) and the black borders don't intrude into the display. Have done a detailed review on the channel so you guys can see the same. BfUGPEGUE_Q
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    Post Any info about good tempered glass for POCO F1 online??

    Check Your Facts Before you Comment. There are two glasses available on the website. The One That You bought is the Rs.300 one in which the edges slightly cut into the display. I'm Speaking about the Rs.500 That has actual curved edges and The Borders DONOT cut into the display. If you don't...
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    Post Any info about good tempered glass for POCO F1 online??

    I recently switched to the new curved tempered glass from Glazedinc. This is the new glass they launched and it has curved edges(Like the phone) so it's a proper 2.5D Curved glass. Also it doesn't cut into the notch or the display like other glasses. Check it out. You can also get 10% Discount...
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    Post Any info about good tempered glass for POCO F1 online??

    It's not 2.5D. Infact, None of the glasses in the market are. But this one works for me very well and majorly the camera dust issue has been solved which was a bit annoying
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    Post Any info about good tempered glass for POCO F1 online??

    I finally found a glass that doesn't have the camera dust issue. It's from GlazedInc. They've recently rolled out the improved version of the glass where there are holes for the camera and the IR sensor so no dust collection would take place. I've made a video review about it too. It works well...
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    Post Best Screen Guard

    I'm using this one for my phone. It is made for our Max Pro and works fine https://glazedinc.com/products/asus-zenfone-max-pro-m1-full-glue-edge-to-edge-glass Here's a video for the same lGX1eGc2z34
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    Post [ROM][Android-P][Pixel sGSI][UPDATED] Android-P Pixel sGSI for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M

    Incase anyone is having troubles installing the ROM, I've made a tutorial and a small review about it. SagarMakhar you can add it to the OP as well if you want. Great work guys :) K1HStBCp6To
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    Post [GUIDE][UNLOCK/RELOCK] Bootloader Unofficailly and Flash TWRP+Root

    Will this work with the 6GB Variant as well? Considering it has slightly different hardware than the 3/4GB ones
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    Post New update rolling out - 14 June

    The multi touch issue still hasn't been fixed. I thought it will be fixed with the May Security patch. Can anyone else check the same?