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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod - No, you can't have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 - v4.2.15.1]

    Updated to the newest CM build. Everything works how its supposed to except for my the sync or any other google app other then youtube... Its been doing it for the past 4 builds of CM. I dont no what to do... everything else works perfect. everytime i click on sync in the settings it opens and...
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    Post [G1/MT3G Theme] M_Blend [b1]<~¤CM4.2.12.2¤~>1/6/10<~¤

    So i take it this theme is dead now?
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    Post Google Wave

    Looking for a invite. PM Me =)
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    Post G1 Webcam

    More info on making this happen would be greatly appreciated!
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    Post [THEME] Chrome Invert w/ STERICSON LOCKSCREEN with ICE 0.5... for CM 9-24-09

    I Would Love for this theme to be ported to the newest Cyan Rom. That would be WICKKKKEEEDD! I still havnt updated to his newest rom because i love this theme lol
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    Post USB Tethering Problem

    Thanks for the help guys..................
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    Post USB Tethering Problem

    There isn't anyone with any ideas at all???
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    Thread USB Tethering Problem

    I had a old G1 and I used PdaNet on my Windows desktop pc perfectly fine. I ended up getting a new G1 through warranty and now my computer won't recongnize my g1 when its plugged in via USB. I can use PdaNet on other computers just fine but my computer won't let me anymore. I erased all PdaNet...
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    Post Project Black - T-Mobile

    Hmm seems to me that t-mobile is scamming me then lol. A lot of it has to deal with taxes which sux but its what ever. I changed my plan so its 10$ cheaper lmao. Sux because where I work they had to cut hours big time so now I don't have enough cash to pay my bill so I'm gonna probrally get a...
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    Thread Project Black - T-Mobile

    Anyone hurd about it? Or no what it is? If its 50$ a month for everything unlimited then I am deff going to stay with tmobile. My bill is 105$ for my g1 and that's only 600 anytime mins with unlimited data pack. If that's the case this is really going to be cool!
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    Post [ROM] Motorola Blur OS- V0.6 (Beta) [UPDATED - 10/11 - 10:45pm MountainTime]

    Can't install this because I can't install spl without my phone semi-bricking. Couldn't get past g1 screen after install and back up. I had to install a new rom =\
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    Post [ROM] Motorola Blur OS- V0.6 (Beta) [UPDATED - 10/11 - 10:45pm MountainTime]

    same exact thing for me also... anyone have any ideas at all. very excited to try this out.
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    Post [G1/mytouch Theme] ** gChrome 0.3.5** [CM 4.1.99] [10/04]

    Looks like I can't use gchrome on 4.0.4 with HTC Music. Thattt suuuuccckkksss lol
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    Post HtcMusic works on JF1.5, Dude, and Cyanogen builds. ( 07/17/2009)

    Where can I get the HTC Music update for CM 4.0.4 I looked through this whole thread, there are many download links. Can someone help me out? Thanks... Edit - Never mind I didnt think to check your signature beagz. Works perfectly fine, No FC's or reboots. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Greatly appreciated!
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    Post Official statement from Google regarding the Cyanogen controvery

    Honestly im downloading everything that i can right now for future use just in case.