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    Post [TWRP][HOW-TO]Samsung Galaxy A31 SM-A315G

    I am hard at work right at this moment on this A31 project. Hopefully soon...
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    Post [TWRP][HOW-TO]Samsung Galaxy A31 SM-A315G

    Also when setting up the file, how do you get the amounts for the variables BOARD_SUPER_PARTITION_SIZE, BOARD_GOOGLE_DYNAMIC_PARTITIONS_SIZE, BOARD_SUPER_PARTITION_ERROR_LIMIT?!?! I am lost!!
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    Thread [TWRP][HOW-TO]Samsung Galaxy A31 SM-A315G

    Hello everyone! I have owned this phone for going on 9 months now and I have had it rooted ever since I bought my SM-A315G but have tried countless times to port TWRP or just compile it myself. The outcome is inevitably failure... So I am reaching out to the world for help and any help that is...