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    Post [TOOL][Windows] APK Easy Tool v1.59.2 (2021-04-03)

    I cannot save any settings in the portable version and there is no config.xml Using 1.57, it makes the config.xml and then moving to 1.59 folder allows the settings to save. Also the installed version finds java, the portable doesn't.
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    Post [IPv6] Privacy extensions on rmnet/volte interfaces

    I actually don't have init.d support but magisk runs things from /data/adb/service.d The error message may be related to init.rc trying to set accept_ra because I know I found that in there. I should put a message in my script to make sure it's running. In either case scripts look to be getting...
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    Post [IPv6] Privacy extensions on rmnet/volte interfaces

    I made a script and had it run at startup via magisk from /data/adb: #!/system/bin/sh sleep 30 sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.use_tempaddr=2 sysctl net.ipv6.conf.default.use_tempaddr=2 sysctl net.ipv6.conf.rmnet_data0.use_tempaddr=2 sysctl net.ipv6.conf.rmnet_data1.use_tempaddr=2 sysctl...
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    Thread [IPv6] Privacy extensions on rmnet/volte interfaces

    I'd like to set privacy extensions enabled on ALL interfaces, including rmnet01 and others that connect to the carrier. I have tried setting /etc/sysctl.conf with net.ipv6.conf.all.use_tempaddr = 2 Unfortunately, no dice. Something else specifically disabled it for all except wlan. This is...
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    Post DNScrypt proxy for Android install

    You can pull a binary from the magisk module. That's what I did and made it run directly.
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    Post absolute garbage os. this is why i never upgrade software

    Download the nougat KDZ from here and flash back. I tried oreo as well and was not too happy. Plus it's missing the patched camera libs.
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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

    No edExposed here, I'm on nougat. I installed the magisk version then got the gui so I didn't have type all the commands out. Disabled the boot receiver on the apk thinking the scripts would start and apply what I set in the gui. For ADB it was consistent, tried every which way to enable...
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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

    I installed ACCA. Had 2 issues. 1. It blocks using ADB. On my v20 the debugging setting is always turned off. 2. AccA needs to start at boot or the settings don't get applied, I guess this is good and bad. Putting it all in the on-boot line seems too much to type out.
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    Post [App][4.0+] True Phone - Best Dialer & Contact manager replacement

    What is the volte indicator supposed to look like? I do not see it.
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    Post [APP][2.1+] ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts

    Yea, I wouldn't trust truephone either. Facebook ads inside + russian yandex.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][MOD][ALL VARIANTS] Miscellaneous Mods

    eh, even 4.4 still works for most things. Newer versions of android are great if you're into spyware and dumbed down UIs. Nougat has this mod and patched camera libs going for it but I think IMS services are a little worse. Another weird thing is that the mod force enabled multi-user ui and...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][MOD][ALL VARIANTS] Miscellaneous Mods

    Alpha rom has a nougat version too. Oreo isn't the only one.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][MOD][ALL VARIANTS] Miscellaneous Mods

    Just bring this from necro to say: Works much better if you don't install the one from alpha rom but the one from the thread. Also, if you block it's internet, mod control will crash :(