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Recent content by nxtwrld

  1. nxtwrld

    Post Reader in landscape?

    Mine doesn't rotate either. ;-( I haven't read the manual though, so until now, I wasn't worried about it.... ;-) Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  2. nxtwrld

    Post Export sms from desire hd to flyer

    I am afraid that SyncSMS syncs only new incoming messages. There is an app called SMSBackup+ which can backup and restore sms messages either to google account.
  3. nxtwrld

    Post [Q] Browser user agent

    I managed to find it. I have to insert about:debug into the url and them access settings from the menu, which are extended with the debug settings. There it is possible to change the UAString to iPad etc. (It is only predefined UA strings however)
  4. nxtwrld

    Thread [Q] Browser user agent

    Does anybody know if it is possible to chance Hex browser user agent with a custom string?. I tried about: debug with no luck I have also tried to locate some kind of configuration file, but nothing seems to be browser related files. Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  5. nxtwrld

    Post Export sms from desire hd to flyer

    Try SyncSMS from the market. It uses your Dropbox account to copy incoming sms from your phone to flyer. You can also user it to compose messages on your flyer and the app sends them from your phone. Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  6. nxtwrld

    Post Sense Weather Widget?

    I am afraid that sense widgets only work with sense. Using alternative launchers you will have to go without them.... Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  7. nxtwrld

    Post Reader App

    Reader automatically imports all epub files from the sdcard. Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  8. nxtwrld

    Post Flyer Cases

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320720968437&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_8182wt_1072 It says it ships to EU, but it is a no-go for the Czech Republic Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  9. nxtwrld

    Post Locations transfer license?

    I have written to htc couple of weeks ago and here is the reply: "Regarding your question on HTC Locations Navigation, the license purchased is only valid for one phone and can not be transfered to another phone." I guess they are trying to discourage people from upgrading their devices...
  10. nxtwrld

    Post Flyer Cases

    Do you know if it is a magnetic cover? Otherwise I would expect it to fold off on its own.
  11. nxtwrld

    Post Folder sync between phone and tablet

    There is an app called PCFileSync that does exactly this, though you will need to have a folder somewhere on the network, that will sync your devices. Or perhaps have on of the devices running a supported file server https://market.android.com/details?id=org.pcfilesync Sent from my HTC...
  12. nxtwrld

    Post Notes Plus

    Flyer tablet has a matice Notes app, integrated with Evernote that does the same. I haven't used the app long enough, to review how well it does the job though. Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  13. nxtwrld

    Thread Sleep Mode

    My Sensation enters sleep mode and refuses to quit it. Unlike my Flyer, it has no sleep mode settings, that would allow me to turn it off and the only way to reset it is it is to reborn the device. Apart from the annoying notice message, however, it seems to sync even with the screen off...
  14. nxtwrld

    Post HTC Trends widget - without function

    Mine stays empty as well, but I am not really sure, what is it supposed to do.. Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  15. nxtwrld

    Post [Q] Do you have dust under your glass?

    I have been using the phone for about a month now, no shields or cover, just carrying it around in my pocket. So far no dust at all. I would recommend asking for a replacement device. Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e