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    Post [ROM][discovery][11] AOSP [Sony Open Devices Project]

    I switched from ATT to T-Mobile and now I have a problem on TMobile network.I was wondering if flashing a new OS would make any difference.Thank you
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    Thread Download icon

    After update to 10 can't find how to get it back on status bar. Anyone else had that issue.
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    Post [Q] Smart Key

    Yes I did
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    Thread [Q] Smart Key

    Double click won't bring anything else , but google assistant. Trying to have a flush lite.Anyone else has an issue with that?
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    Thread Hard Shell Holster

    I spend quiet few hours searching in online for Hard Shell Holster with no success.There is nothing for our phone.So i decided to look for cases for the other phones in similar size and i come across https://www.phonearena.com/phones/size/Asus-ZenFone-6-2019,LG-V50-ThinQ/phones/11172,11137 so I...
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    Post MiXplorer: Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)

    Hi again. I did try to find info , but no success. Before reinstall I could kill a video I was watching just clicking on home button and then by clicking the MIXplorer app itself it would continue stream it.Now it just goes back to folder. Is there any way to get that option again. Thank you.
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    Post MiXplorer: Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)

    Thank you. I did read it and looks like I missed it. Thank again
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    Post MiXplorer: Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)

    Hi I have been using it for few years and I like it.But I had to reinstall it and now I can't figured out how to make to remember the last folder I used.It use to open the last folder I used on the start. Thank you.
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    Post Help with finding a holster

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    Post False Positive Voicemail on ATT

    Check this out http://http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=1163312&postcount=1
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    Post Original TG01 Stylus.

    Thanks. But I guess it is German site so can not to find the cost of shipping to US and stylus itself litle to expecive 11.90 euros. Thanks any way.
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    Thread Original TG01 Stylus.

    Looking for original stylus. Any one knows were online can I get one. I looked around , but no success.
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    Post Soft De-Brand Procedure

    Thanks. I'i do it all over.
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    Post Soft De-Brand Procedure

    Nice detailed instruction. Thanks a lot. My question is: Since I used already this metod from your post #71 , would I be able to do "master clear" and start it all ower again. Thanks again.
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    Post New Forums on XDA?

    Toshiba TG01