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    Post Few questions and thanks!

    Thanks for the info! One last question. In Settings>Phone Status, all the way at the bottom there is a section that says "Device Status" and the value is: Modified. Is that normal? Is it something Verizon can see?
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    Thread Few questions and thanks!

    New to the S3 but not new to rooting. I came from an Incredible 2 that I was running Incredible HD with. Absolutely loved it. Anywho, the thanks part in the title is in regards to all the wonderful tips and tutorials in these forums that I've used to successfully root, unlock, backup nandroid...
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    Post Splash Screens and Boots by 06Stang

    Oh man! You did a Liberty logo too? You rock stang! Even better than I imagined. For some reason, I can't get the splash to work. I downloaded, renamed to and put it on the root of my sd card. Booted into HBOOT, saw it parse the zip, rebooted but no change. Still the stock white...
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    Post Fast Sense 3.5

    Have you looked at newt's Incredible HD RLS 1.1? Sense 3.5 / Android 2.3.5 with beats audio
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    Post [GUIDE] A Noob's Guide to Flashing ROMs Manually

    This is the only guide I've managed to find that gives simple and concise instructions. Many other guides leave out steps, use different names for things, or use abstract terminology. Very well done and a HUGE thank you! I'm new to rooting and I've been trying different roms like I've been...
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    Post New SD Card - How to migrate data from old one?

    How do I do a Nandroid +ext backup? Runnng CWM and there is no option for ext backup. The only option is backup.
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    Post Splash Screens and Boots by 06Stang

    Hockey season baby! Any chance of getting a New York Rangers splash and simple bootan? Me love you long time. :D
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    Post [How to] Root Your DInc2 Tutorial! (2.3.3 GB Only)

    Thank you so much for this guide! I've never rooted before and recently upgradeed to a Dinc2. This tutorial made it effortless. I give it 5 out of 5 Big Ass Thumbs Up!
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    Post Return to stock ROM

    I'm in the same boat as the OP. Please understand xda vets - someone rooting for the first time is very confused by all these acronyms, version numbers, etc. It's very overwhelming. I looked at the Inc2 dev section and it's like reading Sanskrit. I tried searching but people must use different...