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    Post [Q] Nivida Shield Tablet without the "gaming" ?

    Your deft touch is all this baby needs. It's almost great right out of the box.
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    Post [Q] Nivida Shield Tablet without the "gaming" ?

    Hi sbdags! Great to see you here. Are you thinking of doing any development for this wonderful tab? Without you I would have ditched my TF700 ages ago.
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    Post Downgrade from Lollipop. Possible?

    This worked (seeder and remount sdcard1 as rw)! Thanks!
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    Post PhilZ Recovery for Shield Tablet (wx_na_wf)

    Too bad, but it was a good thought!
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    Post [Q]-New to Shield tablet-Few general questions

    I really prefer Philz. I love TWRP but I don't think there's a working TWRP recovery for the Shield tablet yet.
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    Post Keyboard Folio / Case Available?

    Sometimes those cheap ones from ebay work very well I had gotten this little usb keyboard for (probably) $19 a few years ago for my Nexus 7, but it fits the Shield Tablet like a glove. Makes it a mini laptop. Has a sleep key and it just works perfectly with usb otg adapter! I'm delighted!
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    Post PhilZ Recovery for Shield Tablet (wx_na_wf)

    So this won't impact anything else, just keep it persistant in recovery? Great!
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    Post PhilZ Recovery for Shield Tablet (wx_na_wf)

    I found this to be true as well Philz works whereas CWM didn't stick. It's been know that a custom recovery is inverted on the Shield tablet, but you can get used to it.
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    Post [Q&A] [ROOT] Root for SHIELD Tablet 2.0 (Lollipop)

    You are very welcome! Glad it worked.:) ---------- Post added at 02:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:14 PM ---------- @bluelegacy: I'm not certain whether unlocking will prevent OTAs but making any system changes usually will prevent them from coming thru or installing properly. In my...
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    Post [Q] Lollipop super slow at times?

    Thanks, I'll have to try with a re-format.
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    Post Why no love for the shield tablet?

    A pre-rooted stock based ROM with tweaks, perhaps an aroma installer with a menu of choices, also an optimized kernel would be great. This tablet is nearly perfect as it is, but some small fixes would make it really perfect. Sadly, I'm no developer...
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    Post [Q&A] [ROOT] Root for SHIELD Tablet 2.0 (Lollipop)

    PowaPuffGirl: 1) you need to download the latest Android SDK and extract into a folder, preferably on the root directory of your computer. In that folder place the extracted root-boot.img file and (I would suggest) the Philzrecovery.img, but you can use the CWM version of recovery.img linked in...
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    Post [ROOT] Root for SHIELD Tablet 2.0 (Lollipop)

    regarding SuperSU BETA v2.23 I followed the OP's guide for already updated to L, but with locked bootloader, and had quite a journey--had a heck of a time get adb and fastboot to work on my Windows 8.1 PC (did I tell you how much I hate Win 8.1???) and did finally unlock. Long story short, I...
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    Post [OTA] Nvidia Shield Tablet 2.0 (LTE-International) 5.0 ZIP

    No, this is international. North America LTE has its own thread.
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    Post [Root Guide] [OLD - 4.4 ONLY] SHIELD Tablet, Root/Recovery NO Unlock! NO PC!

    Check the general section. It appears that someone achieved root on L but it requires unlocking the boot loader and flashing CWM recovery via fastboot.