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  • hi just sent some bucks because i so want you to keep on the stock 1.5 path to true enlightenment!
    ...The last thing that I have tried is shifu rom you are using and radio 1.70.xx.xx and the latest release from dzo's site. I have changed only the provider info in default.txt. The problem is that when I boot I can reach only the Android title in console and then it freezes.
    I have also two partitions on my sd card - 1st fat32 with android files on root and 2th is ext2.
    I hope you can give me some advice, so I can setup a running android 1.5 at the end and start to apply from their the Hero modifications, because what the Hero port for G1 is infact a little upgraded 1.5 :) (at least I think so).

    Best regards,
    Hello okibi,

    I wish to try and make Hero port for our Kaisers, but haven't some troubles to make my android running.
    I am watching closely the thread for android port for Kaiser for long time (maybe since version 0.9 :) ) and in fact I have succeeded to start android builds in the past (maybe 1.0, not sure about 1.1) using radio 1.65.xx.xx and last L26 rom (WM 6.1), but two weeks ago when I tried again I have no success and thus started trying different roms and radios.
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