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  • do not post visitor messages. send PM to Olipro or cmonex. if it is HD HSPL, or Diamond security unlocker, then definitely send PM to cmonex. thank you
    Greetings to everything, and to you OliNex, I from Belarus... Yesterday became happy owner HTC HD GER ROM if it is necessary I can test yours HSPL, and that very much would be desirable to be stitched on RUS ROM... In advance many thanks for your work.
    [email protected]
    hello brother.
    i upgraded to jack;s rom 1.07 using ur hardspl,but i want to restore my orignal rom, can u tell me where to get the stock rom and radio?which u mentioned in " how to restore stock spl"?
    my xperia came from Uk i dont know from which operator because it dont have any logo on the box or anywhere so i cant tell, it might be a sim free..not sure.
    hi Olinex
    I used your 1.40 Unsigned hardSPL on Japanese EMobile S21HT. Like others have reported could not get back the confirmation pop up on the Diamond as ActiveSync is lose then RUU reports a [260] Connection error. The Diamond screen is just blacked out now.
    Hi Olinex...

    First, I want to commend you all for the great work you've been doing in giving the ability to generate ROMS at will. Second, wanted to ask for your help, i'm basically stuck and can no longer move forward. I just bought a Verizon XV6850 (HTC Touch Pro); i like it, but want to unlock the GPS and radio, as well as add some ROMs.
    Here's what's happened in summary:

     I found out I can cook the same ROM as a Herman using the PPCKitchen; however, just like for all attempts, I get ERROR 262 (except if I use the original VzW Raphael stock ROM) after the progress bar in bootloader is stuck at 0% for a few minutes.
     According to this thread, the error can be overcome by installing HArdSPL v2.10; but i think for HTC Touch it's really SPL: 1.90.OliNex, do you agree?

     So I got a hold of RaphaelHardSPL-Unsigned_190_1_3.exe ; but then it apparently gets the phone stuck when attempting to execute bootloader.exe in the phone; so I managed to get it into bootloader and let the utility run; but it gets stuck in 0%.

     Then, I read in the link below I can place an .nbh file in the sd card so, i figured i can place .nbh file in an SD card as done for this Hermer (I renamed it RAPHIMG.nbh; formated the 2GB with FAT32 not using quick format, then checked it with Windows); when bringing it up in bootloader, it does recognize the file and says “Loading…”, but remains stuck there and won’t longer move.

    I’m basically stuck and not sure how to proceed to be able to load my own ROMs now. Any ideas, suggestions?

    I have included my info below.
    RAPH500; SPL-0.35.0000; MicroP-Raph (LED) v8182; MIcroP-Raph (KEY) v0682; PSOC-Raph STAGE_EVT v20; ROM 1.03.

    Thank you… Miguel.
    please do not use visitor messages to contact us, instead you can use the real private messaging: "Send a private message to OliNex" under "Contact Info". but it is even better if you contact either Olipro or cmonex in private message.
    Hi Olinex,

    I'm a newbie for sure.
    I recently Downloaded a file called : Hard SPL Diamond by Olinex
    and i used it ... but i didn't have to do it because my ROM was not from my provider
    Now, when i want to install HTC new ROM i cannot, it stays at 0%.

    I know that Private message can be aukward but i've beebn trying and trying and it's not working ...

    If you have time to answer, i'll appreciate.
    Anyway thanks for all you do for the community.

    I succesfully unlocked my HTC Dual with the tool i bought from you. We earlier had a converstation about it. I wonder if I can/need to flash the latest radio because now it says 1.74.OliNex


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