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    Post Missing Google Camera Smart Burst

    They didn't remove the uninstall updates feature, but it's instead hidden underneath the overflow menu on the app info page. You can revert the app back to the version which still includes Burst photos.
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    Post [ROM][Official][4.3] CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies for the Galaxy S4

    When that happens to me I just use the button combo to reboot to recovery. From there you should be able to reboot to system without an issue. (TWRP here) Sent from my SGH-I337 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post Brick, red led blink.

    Sorry buddy... But it sounds like you have SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) and the only way to fix it is replacing the EMMC on your device - which is roughly $150... I'm going through the same thing now.
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    Post Will the performance of this tablet hold up?

    You underclock it to 1MHz? That's impressive to say the least.
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    Post Why does my rr3 look so terrible??

    Because they've turned advanced graphics off for the Nexus 10. The resolution at which our tablets render is crazy high, and requires a lot of power and optimization. We have a decent but of power, and the game has no optimization - leaving us with terrible framerates if you crank it up. If you...
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    Post Nexus 10

    I don't think it would improve battery life very much, no.. I get awesome battery life when watching a movie or reading books, but when it comes to any kind of streaming (netflix in particular) my battery just drains, even more so then on my phone. I usually underclock when doing that, because...
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    Post Nexus 10

    Search around the forum a bit - I recall seeing a few mods that essentially turned the screen into a 1280x800 rendered screen. Until we see some stability improvements (hopefully) in 4.3, there are a few people still running it for the speed.
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    Post Official Cyanogenmod 10.2 Nightly Builds - Links and discussion

    Check out the LMT apk, which is basically the original, updated, better version of CM PIE controls. I've been using it on my phone and tablet for some time without any issues whatsoever.
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    Post What phone do you have?

    Note 2, and I absolutely love the thing.
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    Post Official Cyanogenmod 10.2 Nightly Builds - Links and discussion

    Just follow the instructions on the kernels thread. Need to flash, wipe cache and dalvik, and run fix permissions. Sent from my GT-N7100
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    Thread For those of you still having freezes/hangups, mind discussing it?

    Let me start this by saying I LOVE the Nexus 10. It's the most comfortable tablet I've used and the screen is just phenomenal, aside from that, the random reboots are really dragging down the experience. I'm sure there still have to be people having these issues, and what are you doing to...
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    Post Ubuntu os

    Flash manta, then flash the armhf, then wipe and you're good to go. That worked for me and didn't mess with my sdcard at all. (obviously it does a 'factory reset' on the device though). Backup with TWRP and you're good to go. Only if you do it using the Ubuntu install method, where it flashes...
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    Post Ubuntu os

    There are two files you have to flash in CWM/TWRP to have it available at any time. You don't even need a computer to install and test it. Be warned, though, it's really not worth it at it's current state.
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    Post Ubuntu is HERE!!!

    Side Stage is available on the N10, just not on the N7 (as it states on the TouchInstall page).. It will still be fun to give it a go.
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    Post [ROM][GT-N7100][JB][4.2.1] CyanogenMod 10.1 unofficial builds // discussion thread

    Try this APN, with it I get around 4-5Mbit download speed via speedtest (and sometimes 6-7). Name: HSPDA+ APN: phone MMSC: MMS Proxy: MMS port:80 MCC: 310 MNC: 410 APN Type: default,supl,mms,hipri APN Protocol: IPv4 APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4 The...