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    Post AICP 11 [6.0.1] for Lenovo A536 (kernel 3.4.67 )

    good day sir, after flashing this rom i don't have signal. how to fix it and where can i get stock rom so i can get the scatter file. thanks in advance
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    Post HOWTO: Install Windows 10 for Phones on Non-supported devices (and other hacks)

    same here, "Unauthorized. Please login again or use a different user name." any work around for this.
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    Post Need a ROM - Alcatel OT Pop D3

    Thank you and will try it ASAP.
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    Post Need a ROM - Alcatel OT Pop D3

    Alcatel POP D3 4036E Stock Rom Needed Good day great devs, kindly send me a link for my Alcatel POP D3 4036E Stock Rom? my daughter accidentally formatted the internal storage and now it wont boot anymore. God bless and thank you in advance.
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    Post [Q] Xperia Z3 401SO (Softbank) sim unlock

    Good day sir, may i know how will i get my NSCK code? i also have a the same device. And kindly give me the complete link for the japanese website? Thanks in advance.
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    Post Sony Xperia Z3 Ask Away- help thread.

    Sir Swansea, i'm still at stock Kitkat 4.4.4 and my Z3 came from japan lock at softbank. i already know that i have to pay sim unlock so i can use it here in the philippines. it says in the link that i have to be at stock MM .575 or .291. where do i go from here Sir?
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    Post Sony Xperia Z3 Ask Away- help thread.

    Thank sir swansea, may i also have the rooting link for this device? i know i have to do a lot of reading before doing.
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    Post Sony Xperia Z3 Ask Away- help thread.

    Xperia Z3 401SO Root & Bootloader Unlocking How to Good day great devs, i am new in this kind of phone and this is my first Sony phone ever and i would like to know the right way to do this. i have read a lot of threads and i cant find any for this certain device. please send me a link. Thank...
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    Post [RECOVERYs] [ROMs] [UNLOCK BL] ASUS Memo Pad HD 7 (me173x) [MT8125] [MULTILANG]

    Marshmallow ROM for ASUS MPHD7 (ME173X) Good day great devs, is there a android 6.0 Rom for ME173x Tablets like mine? will it support this device?
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    Proper Connection How To Please? Good day sir, i would like to know, Do i have to solder each test point to ground or to one another sir? I'm a bit confused?
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    Post ♦ [ROM][ks01lte][6.0] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL CyanogenMod 13 ♦

    Good day great DEV's! I know there's a thread for the SGS4 SHV-E330L ROM, but may i ask is this compatible with it? I would like to try this ROM. Good day and GOD Bless.
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    Post [ROM][E330SKL/I9506][5.0.1] JuMBO v1.0 | Deodexed | Deknoxed | Stable |

    i have been looking for this ROM for days now. Downloading and trying it out! Well explained . Thanks Sir and good morning from the Philippines!
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    Post [ROM][4.4.2][SHW M110S] Resurrection Remix® 4.4.2 KitKat v5.0.3 [10/03/14]

    Baseband Unknown? please Help! Good day guys, I just flash this ROM on my SGS Anycall and it was smooth and fast. But then i noticed my Carrier signal was out. I'm in the philippines and my carries is SUN Cellular. When i was on GB WF07 it was running fine.... Is there something wrong that i...
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    Post [Tutorial] Pit Stop for Galaxy S Korean Version [SHW M110S]

    USM Mount Option Good day Devs, I'm using WF07 Stock ROM for 2 days now and playing around with it and i have notice that when i insert my micro USB cable the USB Mount Option is gone . i only see the charging sign in the battery. In the pull down menu i don't see mount USB msas storage. Please...
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    Post [SHW-m110s] Korean Anycall Galaxy S, Thread/FAQ/ReadMe/Discussion/Questions

    Thanks for the quick rely.. KUDOS!