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    Post Question about GPS

    Thanks for the heads up guys. As I suspected, it seems like there were some issues with Notebookchecks review unit. Are you able to get a stable lock indoors within a reasonable time?
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    Thread Question about GPS

    I was about to pull the trigger on the XZ Premium but Notebookcheck's review mentioned that the GPS is slow, unable to lock indoors, inaccurate and falls behind a number of devices: As GPS performance is very...
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    Post HTC Flagships - Mega Tech Discussion Thread [ HTC One | HTC 10 | U11 / U11+ | U12+]

    That's bad news. The pentile QHD AMOLED display of my S7 Edge looks disappointingly grainy with the Gear VR. Even the iPhone 6s plus with its true 1080p screen looks better with Cardboard. I would love to try the HTC 10 and it's pixel dense IPS screen with Cardboard.
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    Post HTC 10 Camera Thread

    I think what he means is that it'd be helpful if you could post comparison pictures or samples where the 6P is doing better than the HTC 10. I know I'd definitely be interested in those as I've had the 6P before and know what it's camera was capable off. Who knows, perhaps after looking at the...
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    Post HTC 10 the bad stuff

    Completely stutter free and smooth? I disagree man. I have the Exynos S7 Edge currently on the APD1 fw and It's embarrassingly easy to make the S7 lag (seriously, go to the gallery once you've taken more than 300 pics - open a pic and press the back button to go back to the grid - lag city -...
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    Post HTC 10 Reviews

    73hlhPOAOQc Recombu
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    Post HTC Flagships - Mega Tech Discussion Thread [ HTC One | HTC 10 | U11 / U11+ | U12+]

    Czofcz7e0sI HTC 10 killing the competition when it comes to web browsing battery
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    Thread "ok google" voice detection while screen off?

    Can anyone with an S7 tell me if it has "ok google" voice detection while screen off? Early reports seem to indicate that it doesn't - which will be a deal breaker for me. Thanks...
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    Post The LG-G4 Lounge

    1. I came to the same conclusion and chose the S6 over the edge when the time came 2. I loved that the S6 has diffrent screen modes for adjusing the color saturation - but I prefer the screen on the G4 for its size and cooler color temperature. Has to be noted that the S6 screen has much better...
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    Post How much do you like your G4? 1-10? (Vote)

    Solid 8/10 for me. Good battery (for a 2015 flagship), Good screen, amazing still camera, micro sd and removable battery. Points taken off due to minor issues such as plastic chrome edges, video quality, it being annoyingly wobbly on a flat surface, the UI and occasional lock-ups/stutters.
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    Post Post/discuss your battery life!

    The G4 is proof that one does NOT need to disable useful android features to get acceptable battery life. When I had the S6 people would tell me to disable all location services, location history, google now, twitter sync and uninstall facebook and do a bunch of other crazy things - which...
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    Post The LG-G4 Lounge

    It's cheaper than Clove here, and is stated to be the EU version:
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    Post LG G4 - All the reviews

    Honestly, if you're not having any issues with your S6 then there's nothing that can match that experience. I have a very silly habit of switching phones every few months but If I didn't have network/battery issues with my S6, it would have been the first phone in a long, long time which I...
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    Post LG G4 - All the reviews

    You can choose to believe whatever you want but if you seriously think you'll get identical minutes draining the s6 and s6 edge in calls, browsing AND video - prepare to be shocked
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    Post LG G4 - All the reviews

    Haha, this guy is a legend, he sent me a private message too: "hey omersak u little crazy wannabe LG fanboy .. why would u think gsmarena is lying on g4 terrible battery charts ? its proven now that lg cant make phones with good battery.. the g3 didnt have good battery either g4 is even worse...