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    Post Cygnus OS for POCO F1 [OFFICIAL] [ Android 11]

    Third party launcher doesn't stick as default home app. Also playstore settings do not stick. Did i do something wrong?
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    Post Dual status bar - dsb mods for poco F1 (both left and right)

    would it be possible to create a mod for Cygnus OS ROM?
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    Post [KERNEL] Sphinx Kernel [10/11] [4.9.237] [Clang 11] [04.10.2020] v3.5

    clearly stated by dev.... "FAQ: - Does it work with MIUI? - Yes, it should work with minor issues e.g., Network traffic monitor won't work etc."
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    Post [KERNEL] Sphinx Kernel [10/11] [4.9.237] [Clang 11] [04.10.2020] v3.5

    No app, i think dev once thought of building one but that was a while ago. Franco works fine...
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    Post [APP][4/5/6/7+] GMD GestureControl ★ root

    Item not found... Strange...
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    Post [KERNEL] Sphinx Kernel [10/11] [4.9.237] [Clang 11] [04.10.2020] v3.5

    Running 11.0.8 and sphinx without an issue...
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    Post IR camera - Poco F1 AOSP/MIUI [UPDATE: Rooted MIUI ]

    You can see though certain plastics... Like the much discusssed feature that oneplus disabled on their phones
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    Post Xiaomi Poco F1 [Firmware |9.7.11 ,Unlock Bootloader,TWRP Recovery and Root]

    Thx for clarifying Luckily i saved everything on my pc, so i can retry Would you care to take a look to the logs? Could my mistake be that i flashed other things like magisk at the same time i flashed the update and the fde...
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    Post Xiaomi Poco F1 [Firmware |9.7.11 ,Unlock Bootloader,TWRP Recovery and Root]

    I tried to flash your fde right after installing eu-update but i still ended up encrypted :crying: What did i do wrong? Is decrypting possible?
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0]LineageOS-15.1 For Nexus 9 (WIFI) (07/25/2020)

    I'm currently on the lineageOS 14.1 rom and i'm happy with it. I do wish to have the google assistant 'ambient mode' and with that rom it's currently not possible. I've read that android 8 is a min req for that, but i've also seen android 9 as the min req. Could anyone using this 15.1 rom...