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    Thread Device tree?

    Any chance someone has or can share a device tree for the N100?
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    Post Oneplus nord N100 Root-10.5.4

    10.5.7.BE81AA magisk patched boot_*.img
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    Thread Magisk rooted boot.img for OPWS27.1.2/XT1900-01

    Created with MagiskManager 5.6.3 fastboot flash boot boot.img Tested on My Project FI X4 /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, fires, rigged elections, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarms failed and you could...
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    Post Nexus 5X Bricked after Andriod 7 Update

    Whatever the issue is, it keeps people from getting into recovery too. The only thing that works is the bootloader and by extension fastboot. Which makes me think the hardware is physically OK, and maybe some of the new security features changed the running environment (popped a fuse bit...
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    Post Nexus 5X Bricked after Andriod 7 Update

    You're not alone
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    Post How to root : Android 4.4.2 (OFFICIAL OTA / Temporal Method) / No longer necessary

    Worked for me too. Thanks! mfastboot flash motoboot motoboot.img mfastboot reboot-bootloader mfastboot flash recovery recovery.img [select recovery on phone]
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    Post 4.4.2 OTA: Moto G KitKat OTA .zip - U.S UMTS Retail AWS version

    OTA I just pulled File: MD5: 4fb64906c54f5b5e60dc842eeda19fe6
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    Post [RECOVERY][ClockWorkMod][BETA]

    Cant say 100% as I only used the recovery-thunderc-v-1.2.0-GNM.img recovery (Amon_RA based) once since I've had the OptV. This is based on CWM source and the stock recovery kernel (for now) which allows advanced restores etc. The only other Recovery I see is CWMA which looks like a Xionia...
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    Post [RECOVERY][ClockWorkMod][BETA]

    I'll update more after work. [hold]
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    Thread [RECOVERY][ClockWorkMod][BETA]

    Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk. I am not responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process. Port to Optimus V This version is using a beta kernel I am working on. (driver updates from new Optimus-S source, NOOP set default)...
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    Post HOW TO: Root Optimus V (Virgin Mobile) That one worked for me.
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    Post [REQ] New AOSP or HTC style camera app

    when the camera hack for the N1 came out, it required mod's to both the driver and app.
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    Post [ROM] IncDoes FRG33 - 100%Vanilla - (No sense at all)

    build.prop needs a fix Orig: Fix: