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  • My dad was a boom operator, KC-97's back in the 50's. I display the SAC logo, out of respect for his service :)
    We went to the SAC museum a couple years ago, he was like a kid in a candy store
    Ah...Strategic Air Command...aka SAC. Air Weather Service on my end or as they call it today Air Force Weather Agency. God...I miss it!
    Nice to see the SAC crest again. I was (and still am) a SAC-trained killer until we merged with TAC and became ACC. I then went to MAC, then PACAF, then AMC and retired as a MSGT. Now, I am a contractor working for AFMC and Spacecom/Stratcom.
    I like the logo and remembering your dad in SAC! My dad served in SAC in the USAF too, he enlisted in 1953, served active duty until 1966, then served until 1990 in the active and inactive reserves. He was a Crash Firefighter, and was stationed in MS, ID, NH, ME and England, and he retired as a Master Sargeant. It may be called Stratcom now, but to me it'll always be called Sac.
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