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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    Yellow or red "card" ;)
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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    Thanks nobodydu02 but I use the WM notification. I will use the custom window till the next version. (I prefer the WM notification) One more thing. FM notified me the today's match up this morning (I've add the WC in my favorite competition). But the notification indicates me the matches of...
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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    Thanks! Those sounds are so cool I miss them!! One more thing: in the start/ halftime /fulltime pop up there's no way to know if it's start / half time ou fulltime. Can u indicate it in the pop up? Example: h t t p:// This is a full time pop up but...
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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    Great app!! Since the 0.33 version I don't have the sounds any more (apllause, whistle,...) Did I do something wrong?
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    Post [THEME]°°DJC Taskbar Leo 6.5°° V4(Fix 1.66volumeIcon)released! 27-01-2010

    Hi, Rainbow2112 it's the "roaming" icon. I'm sorry but I've a question too I love this taskbar but I'm looking for the bottom bar in the same style? (i've already search in the forum) Thkx for you're answers
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    Post [REQ] Dailymotion / Megavideo app

    Dailyplay still doesn't work on my HD2: // If picolo read it please help me.... (I really like very much ur app) However as Electzik I'm still looking for an Dailymotion and/or Megavideo app. thanks for answers