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    Post [TOOL][APP][5.0+]Android Toolkit [ROOT]

    Good work. You didn't notify me again after releasing this update. I'm still using V1. 2
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    Post [CN3/L/P][MM/N] Rom Porting Script

    How can i make something like this for my ulefone tiger?
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    Post [V20] TwrpBuilder | Provides opportunity to have TWRP for your device

    Request has been successfully uploaded and sent ---------- Post added at 09:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:41 AM ---------- Here is my stock recovery image https://mega.nz/#!OdckEABZ!ozyD0C_P6RcK18FYtCDtnhcvQNIBZ2_05U9GDHWvG6o
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    Post [GUIDE][APP][ANDROID]DualBoot Patcher on Unsupported Devices, Add Official Support

    This is working flawlessly in my phone the ulefone tiger.
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    Post [THEME][TWRP]Themes for TWRP 3.1.1-x[updated:06/01/17]

    The issue that i was facing was actually caused by my ignorance. All these while i was busy trying to load 3.1.1 while my recovery is 3.1.0 I had to download the multithemes for 3.1.0 and everything is working flawlessly
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    Post [THEME][TWRP]Themes for TWRP 3.1.1-x[updated:06/01/17]

    The issue I'm having is that my twrp has no theme option but it has reload theme and when i click on reload nothing changes. I have downloaded the multi themes which I really wanna use. Please help
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    Post [THEME][TWRP]Themes for TWRP 3.1.1-x[updated:06/01/17]

    Let me start by thanking you for this awesome work. Thanks bro. My TWRP has no theme option but rather am having the option of Reload theme. How can you help me there. Another issue is that i have watched the video but not seeing clearly what the OP was installing in the beginning of the...
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    Post [Rom] [Global Miui 9.2 Stable With VoLTE] For Lava Pixel V2 by Rubancv

    Please can you give us a guide on how to port this custom ROM to MT6737M 3.18.19
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    Post 65 megapixel camera mod (and it gives nice quality pictures when light is enaugh)

    Currently using the mod in my ULEFONE Tiger at 24mp
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    Have just flashed both patches
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    Can this be flashed on Gionee M2 running on a custom ROM
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    Post [Guide][How to get Fmd L Panel]

    Am also having same errors as posted above What's the solution. Apk tool 1.5.2 is not decompiling my system UI apk
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    Post Guide For Making Android L Panel

    Am gonna try this out tomorrow
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    Post [TUTORIAL] How to add Autostarts Option in Settings

    Here are my screen shots
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    Post [TUTORIAL] How to add Autostarts Option in Settings

    Have now been able to complete my work