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  • Keep in mind that the .zips will be whatever you named them, not Also, make sure the last .zip is a different name. Once its signed it will take you back to the prompt. Place the .zip on your SD card at the root and flash. This should work for you...Also, make sure you have Java installed or it wont work
    try this for image editing
    search the threads. look at first stickied thread. also
    What you need to do is create a folder called sign_tools. Once you download these two files unzip them into the sign_tools folder. Make a folder called system. Inside system make two folders called framework and app. Place your .apks in the app folder. If you're modifying framework-res or they go into the framework folder. After you place the files in their folders go back to the sign_tools main. Click on the system folder and the META-INF folder together. Zip up both of these folders together. Open your command prompt and go too the sign_tools folder. Do this command...
    java -jar signapk.jar testkey.x509.pem testkey.pk8
    want to learn how to mod but can't find the resources. any suggestions? right now would like to port over the see thru notify. thanks for any and all help.
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