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  • help....i have installed the 2.2 pre rooted with the radio i guess now i want to try out the CYANOGEN MOD 5.7 n1 rom now what is my steps can i just wipe then install like normal do i need to fastboot if so can u just write a quick guide please please
    Hi Paul, I don't know if I could be of any help rooting the X10 but I have access to the Emma flashing software and the X10 factory roms (in Emma format). Let me know if useful.
    Hi paul, hows it going? I just wanted to see if you have came up with a way to root the leaked 2.1 V3 for the htc eris, or if you can point me in the direction where I can find out how to go back to 1.5, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    funktioniert in diesem rom die push email funktion für fremde emailanbieter? bzw. welche möglichkeiten habe ich sonst für pushmail?

    ich nutze momentan das originale rom mit dem programm k9. dieses ist aber der totale akkusauger.
    my name is Alex, please tell me if it possible to extract languages from i7500 Samsung galaxy (arabic, hebrew, russian, english) and compile it for another adndoid phones like HERO, NEXUS ONE. for android 1.5 and 2.1
    Please tell me if you can do it and how much it will be cost (after we want to make it free for public)
    Thank you,
    hi,Paul, Why the MCR 2.9 Chinese Version Haven't release yet? I' ve been waiting for a long time, by the way, can you fix the smart dial for Chinese name so that we can use pinyin to dial? waiting for you reply.Thank you
    Hey man,

    I have a small problem, i just rooted and installed your rom on my Telus Hero, i also updated to the latest radios, everything works fine except i cannot receive SMSs. I looked at all the settings, everything is fine, i even called Telus and they told me that the SMSs reach my phone, but i can't receive them. Obviously i didn't tell them i rooted my phone. Everything else is working great, that's the only problem i have..

    I tried re-wiping and re-installed rom + radios but still the same problem!

    Thank you for reading this and taking the time to help me! Much appreciated!

    Sorry for disturbing u...
    I am trying to make my HTC Hero read Arabic, but it's impossible right now I guess...
    I am bosnian but I have been borne in Saudi Arabia and speak Arabic fluently...
    So if u have done some other languages like hebrew or indu work on Hero, u can show me how to do it and I will do my best with Arabic... really there are a lot of arabic speaking people using this phone and who is living in arab countries need arabic language... at least to read and write...
    so if there is a way to do it I am here to help... with fonts...
    PS... Sorry for my English, I think u will understand what I am offering!!!

    [email protected] (online 24/7)
    Sorry about my English, not good.
    Want to offer you, push your next job Hebrew.
    We in Israel use your good work, and each time have to push Hebrew fonts.
    Maybe you can put the package in Hebrew fonts.
    If you're okay with it, I'll send you the files, just put them in System Folder.
    Thank you.
    Hi I am using your version 1.51 rom. I have a HTC magic, vodafone branded (32B). I like the rom and thanks for the work you put into it.

    I am currently having a problem with this rom. when i exit any app a htc loading screen comes up. I downloaded swapper yesterday but it doesnt seem to be working anymore.
    I heard I need to enable or increase the linux_swap.

    Could you guide me on how to do that please?

    Note: I used rav1.2.1G to partition my sd card.
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