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  • Hello,
    I downloaded files
    unpacked and I have this file
    What I must to do next ?
    Thank you
    Hello PavelX1,
    I have a Bluetooth issue, I updated my ROM to a 6.5 and changed the radio to, then installed the Generic Vodafone UK ROM with radio Will it be possible that my bluetooth is not working because of the radio changes? I bought a used xperia x1 without checking bluetooth and tried to activate it after I changed the rom 6.5 and radio. Please advice!
    Hi pavelX1,
    I'm from Bosnia, and have a black X1i (unbrending) from CH germans lenguage.
    My rom verison at the moment is
    Rom: 1.02.939.3
    Rom date: 08/29/08
    Radio Version:
    Protocol version:

    Software Id: 1213-6437
    Software Version : R1AA017
    Customization Id: 1215-3301
    Customization Version: R6A
    Customization Version: GENERIC CH

    If you can my explain how I can install new ROM in croatina or serbian (if exsist) or english? I downloaded GENERIC_UK_CDF1215-1832_KOV_R3AA010 from rapidshare...

    Hello PavelX1,

    I came across with this thread by surfing. I want to buy Sony Ericsson Experia X1. Because i live in the Netherlands everything is in Dutch. If i buy this and download and install the new UK Rom would that make my phone in English.

    Thanks for your reply in advanced,
    Tamer Oz.
    hello xpanel

    i wnat to help me

    i have donwload new x1 firmware... now? what happen? how install it?

    Thank's reply me soon
    Hi, i have seen a post of yours including SE Emma's screenshot
    I tried several times to register an account but seems my local SE dealer keeps rejecting my application everytime i apply for.
    I wonder if you could assist me registering an account? What do you think
    I`ve got the Xperia with generic german and i want to install the UK one(i downloaded it from the link you gave).The thing is that when i switch the phone on ,holding the minus and power button ,the lines appear,than says "loading" and then-"no image file" and it stops!what did i do wrong?pls help!
    Cau Pavle! Snad se moc nebudu plest, kdyz Te vezmu za sobe rovneho, tudiz cecha ;-) Mel bych na Tebe jeden dotaz. Stahl jsem si software EMMA od SE pro update ROMky a mam mensi problem. Nemuzu se do nej zaregistrovat. V tech polich, kde se maji vyplnovat ty potrebne udaje se mi vzdy po jeho vyplneni za nim objevi zelene oznaceni, ze je to ok, ale u hesla a jeho zopakovani uz ne a nechche me to tak pustit dale v te registraci. Zkousel jsem i zmeny v hesle, ale porad to same, vzdy skoncim na teto veci :-( Neporadis jak na to? Diky moc. Drahos
    Hi, if I give FTP Access can I get you to upload to my server? that way people who don't have a fast Rapidshare account can download faster.

    i bought my x1 from sweden and its language is Swedish
    i want to change its language to english
    waht must i do?

    there is many guides on the forum how to make it (in cases its possible). Please see those guides.
    Hi PavelX1 , i appreciate you doing us all a favor for uploading all the new roms. But is it possible if you can tell me how to update my xperia x1i? I've purchased it from a seller online, and its a unlocked Black Sony Xperia X1i unbranded (so no vodafone logo) and i was wondering if you could teach me how to update my rom? I Also live in Canada, will there be any differences in updating? Plus this is my first time updating lol.

    My rom verison at the moment is
    Rom: 1.02.931.3
    Rom date: 08/29/08
    Radio Version:
    Protocol version:

    Software Id: 1213-6430
    Software Version : R1AA017
    Customization Id: 1215-1832
    Customization Version: R15A
    Customization Version: GENERIC_UK

    If possible could you make a tutorial in which rom i am suppose to use and how to use the update?
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