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  1. PC-02

    Post BlissRoms 14.7 (R) for J5 (2016)[SM-J510x][VANILLA][UNOFFICIAL]

    quick question, what kernel does this ROM use? I can't seem to find the info for that
  2. PC-02

    Thread HID Patch applied but no HIDG interface devices

    I've manually applied an HID 3.10 kernel patch, https://github.com/pelya/android-keyboard-gadget/blob/master/patches/existing_not_tested/by-manufacturer-and-device-codename/motorola__athene_______kernel_3.10.patch, to the quasar kernel and the kernel compiles, The phone boots up as well but I...
  3. PC-02

    Post J510F Stock recovery screen after TWRP install [Fixed]

    I managed to root it for anyone with the same issue, the tutorial I was following seemed to have a faulty TWRP, the links on the official site work, the magisk method didn't work for me so I used the supersu method which worked perfectly.
  4. PC-02

    Thread [Kernel] ConfigFS support

    Are there any kernels built for the SM-j510F that have configFS support, I've read that this is inherently supported in kernels above 3.19, but I was wondering if anyone managed to get it working for the 3.10 kernel. I'm trying to get this tool working on the phone...
  5. PC-02

    Post Can someone try porting Kali Linux into Galaxy J5?

    does this include HID support as well, I'm trying to get HID support working for a rooted j510f but I'm not too sure what the best approach would be
  6. PC-02

    Post J510F Stock recovery screen after TWRP install [Fixed]

    I haven't installed anything other than TWRP and if I do a normal boot the phone acts as if nothing ever happened, but I will try with a stock ROM install as well and check if it changes anything
  7. PC-02

    Thread J510F Stock recovery screen after TWRP install [Fixed]

    I'm using ODIN to install TWRP but after the install I'm still being put into the stock recovery screen, I have Auto Restart disabled under ODIN and I access recovery mode with power + vol up + home buttons and letting the power button go as soon as I see the logo but still holding onto the vol...
  8. PC-02

    Post [ROM][PORT] MIUI 7 v5.11.20[GT-S6810][4.4.4][BETA-1][2017-01-30]

    For anyone using this ROM, does this change the kernel, or does it keep it at 3.0.1?