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Recent content by PdyLZY

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    Post [ROM][9.0] Flyme8.9.9.5 daily ZUK Z2/Plus ByLZY

    No need to solve the brightness, it is working properly.
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    Thread [ROM][9.0] JOYUI ZUK Z2/Plus ByLZY

    Thanks to MoSen-based SGSI production, thank you very much Bug: 1. Hotspots cannot be opened. 2. The flashlight in the status bar is not available. Please download the third-party flashlight. Because the system camera is not available, a Google camera is built in. 3.If the brightness is too...
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    Post [ROM][9.0] Flyme8.9.9.5 daily ZUK Z2/Plus ByLZY

    The mobile network has been fixed, the brightness problem can be solved, please read this post carefully.
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    Post [ROM][9.0] Flyme8.9.9.5 daily ZUK Z2/Plus ByLZY

    The brightness is a bit low (taskerm is already configured, you can use it), if you think the brightness is too high, you can modify the value inside, 255 is the highest. Currently only the above bugs.
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    Thread [ROM][9.0] Flyme8.9.9.5 daily ZUK Z2/Plus ByLZY

    Flyme8 is based on 136fei SGSI, thanks to 136fei! flyme8 update record: Fix bugs and other improvements V7 update record: 1. Fix game mode 2. Repair brightness(provided by Nankun, thanks to Nankun) 3.Fix other known bugs and improvements Please change the language yourself after booting...
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    Post [May 28] [Pie-Stock-Rom-ZUI-Z2-Plus-10.8.343-DEV] [Gapps Preinstalled]

    I don't know how to report to the moderator. If you can help me, then it would be fine.:victory:
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    Post [May 28] [Pie-Stock-Rom-ZUI-Z2-Plus-10.8.343-DEV] [Gapps Preinstalled]

    It’s been a few days, he still ignores me.:哭:
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    Post [May 28] [Pie-Stock-Rom-ZUI-Z2-Plus-10.8.343-DEV] [Gapps Preinstalled]

    Please don't modify my ZUI10 and release it without my consent. I have compared your ZUI10, md5 is basically the same, please edit the post and delete the zui10 you posted, I hope you can understand
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    Post Black shark 2 Global

    Then download the link?:confused: ---------- Post added at 02:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:21 AM ---------- If you can, please try to use Google disk or mega, thank you:mad: