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Recent content by peacefuljck

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    Post Pixel 3 Accessories

    To follow up with Sieber101, intelliARMOR, I also reached out to customer support a few times due to the size issues since the initial order of the hd glass in November 2018 and was also told that I would receive 2 pro versions to replace my previous order as soon as they came in. I received the...
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    Post ZeroLemon: we will release a 4700mah SlimJuice battery case for Pixel 3 soon

    I'd be interested in this Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Post Jumping ship from S4 to N5?

    Only jumping from S4 to N5 due to Tri-band support for Sprint.
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    Post How to avoid visiting a Sprint store to activate a Nexus 5 bought on the Play Store

    I'm on the Everything Plus Referral Program and I also tried the WorldWide chat. Rep told me: So I just called the number and spoke with a rep. Rep placed me on hold several times in order to see if anything was sent to him regarding the UICC SIM cards and came back and told me he found the...