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  1. pepi74

    Post Sync problem

    Account -google- set to sync on accounts- main menu -auto-sync data is on app- gmail- allow notification is on status bar ,banners and display on lock screen is on default email is gmail
  2. pepi74

    Post Sync problem

    emui 4.0.1
  3. pepi74

    Post Sync problem

    Official 6.0.1
  4. pepi74

    Post Sync problem

    Where to enable it ?
  5. pepi74

    Thread Sync problem

    After leaving aeroplane mode, autosync of Gmail and Whatsup is always off, and I need manually to enable it. It is very frustrating problem, on older Sony ( who has 4.3 Android) I never has this problem :(
  6. pepi74

    Thread Certificate problem with Chrome and some HTTPS sites

    I bought this phone few days ago, and it is superior from my last one ( Xperia M). I have problem when surfing with Chrome and Firefox. Some HTTPS sites works ok and some I cannot reach because warning window pop up and say your connection is insecure. In same time on other HTTPS sites , same...
  7. pepi74

    Post Sony Ericsson WT19i Newbie here

    You say if I have .58 rooted phone and make OTA with Wi Fi, my phone will still be rooted. I try that, download update, mobile restart itself, but and the end of process show message "Error, cannot update" I dont wont to unlock bootloader because I dont need custom kernel, I only need update...
  8. pepi74

    Post [Q] Flash SMS ( type 0)- solved

    Thanks worked like charm!
  9. pepi74

    Post [Q] Flash SMS ( type 0)- solved

    Flash SMS was sent from Nokia to android
  10. pepi74

    Thread [Q] Flash SMS ( type 0)- solved

    Hi, I have W19I and my frend send me flash SMS. I didnot press "OK" and flash SMS cleared form my screen, but from then every time I look at locked screen notice says "1 new message" , of course there is no new message, that is "left" from unconfirmed flash SMS. How to delete this notice?
  11. pepi74

    Thread SE with walkman stock message apk

    Can somebody post here default,stock apk for SMS mesagging. Thanks
  12. pepi74

    Post [Q] Auto retrieve MMS messages SE with walkman

    Same thing: can send cannot receive: please look at first post, I need to find way to activate auto retrieve in stock application: so I must edit one or more settings, I doubt any application will do that for me...
  13. pepi74

    Post [Q] Auto retrieve MMS messages SE with walkman

    Mobile network settings - Data enabled YES ( if you mean that)
  14. pepi74

    Post [Q]WT19i unlocked and overclocked to 2 Ghz,is it safe??

    What you get with OC to 2GHz? Fastest mobile phone on the world? What I can say that this mobile phone is really fast with 1 GHz freq, so I not need to OC it. Every electronic part have own limitation. So is it safe to OC to 2 GHz, nobody knows. Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe your CPU can go to...
  15. pepi74

    Post [Q] Auto retrieve MMS messages SE with walkman

    NO, I test my mobile phone, everything is looks ok, so I delete backup. So can you help me , or just reply to make criticism?