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  • hey i know probably a thousand ppl have asked you this about multiple roms but i was wondering if you could recompile stericsons lock screen to be used on manups 2.1 rom its speed is almost that of cyanogen please pretty please i love the features the ice and the music player and the battery all of which are not in the 2.1 lockscreen also if you could put a transparent background for background morph with metamorph by the way your amazing i follow your work religiously just never asked cause i could see you hard at work trying to please the rest of the android community i try to do extensive resurch first then ask i havent seen any lockscreens made for 2.1

    please that would be amazing
    Dear Pershoot,
    I have rooted and installed the latest CM I then tried overclocking the CPU using the files you provided. Like several other people I also managed but lost my wifi in the process. I was very upset as I did all the steps by reading forums from here and there. I am a newby to Android and have only had my Nexus for two days. I dont know exactly how to push the wifi driver .ko file into the phone using adb. I dont even know the proper commands. In the end I had to restore my backup and get a refund for SetCPU from the android market. I would be very grateful to you if you could pleeease provide me some step by step instructions are a link to the massive forum where I can understand how to replace the ko file to get the wifi working in overclocked mode. I am anticpating your helpful response.

    Thanking you very much!

    email: [email protected]
    Yo bro, dont know if you got my messages, but I tried flashing both, its a no go. I'm still stuck on the X Lockscreen.

    How do I get you an error log? I thought I can only do so when phone is actually fully functional, and On?

    I'd love to help out, but my skills are still limited. Sorry :(
    stericson has made the lockscreen, i build it from his source against cyanogen's sources.

    wont be possible, because i dont have his sources.
    Hey. I heard you were the person that makes the stericson lockscreen for CM.. nice job...

    And I was wondering if you could make a stericson lockscreen for
    Dwangs rom v1.13....

    It would be veryyyyyyyyyyy much apprieciated
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