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    Post AM3D Zirene® Sound [Unity][Deprecated]

    Come back to telegram daddy
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    Post [ROM][15-08][6.0.1][920/5][DPH4][4.2] XtrALite ROM - Fast/Smooth/Battery Optmized

    The ROM developer for XtrALite has already stated in a previous post a few pages back that he's moved onto a different device and development for the S6 has ceased.
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    Post Shallow hibernation - issues or misunderstanding ?

    TFW this thread is now the top search suggestion if you google "shallow hibernation greenify" If you're gonna respond to someone and tell them to search for it, you might as well give them a proper answer while also reminding to make a more thorough search in the future.
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    Post [ROM][15-08][6.0.1][920/5][DPH4][4.2] XtrALite ROM - Fast/Smooth/Battery Optmized

    OH MY GOODNESS YES! Your rom and aroma installer makes debloating such a breeze. Everything is smooth and battery life is phenomenal. Thank you for continuing development of XtrALite, Jascon!
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    Post [Firmware][Bootloader & Modems][Odin] - G920T - DOJC | DOJ7

    You can flash the MM bootloader/modems found in the xtrestolite thread for our device (g920t) here: DOWNLOAD LINK FOR G920T 6.0.1 EPD1 BOOTLOADER: (flash with Odin under...
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    Post Collective Dolby Atmos® Port Thread [Unity][Deprecated]

    It sounds so good and it's working flawlessly on MM Samsung Galaxy S6. Thank you for all the work that you do Ahrion!
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    Post ARISE Sound Systems™ - Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement

    Version numbers are used to designate different builds within each sound system. Example: Exodus 1.0, Leviticus 1.3, Numbers 3.5, Deuteronomy 0.017 (in testing). Any version under "1.0" is considered to be in testing.
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    Post [G1 doesn't work but is alive] Help me XDA

    I had a hard time understanding exactly what you're trying to say, but i'll give it my best shot. If you're able to access the bootloader, then you're not bricked. If you have the default, original, stock bootloader (spl) you shouldn't have a problem downgrading using the dreaimg.nbh rc29 file...
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    Post G1 won't update radio

    haha, good point! when in doubt, just follow the guide! this one, if you don't already have it, shows you how to "downgrade/un-root" your device. happy flashing!
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    Post G1 won't update radio

    not sure if this will be of much help, but you can always try to revert back to the stock firmware using the dreaimg.nbh file and stock spl. i had a friend who, like with your radio, couldn't flash the more recent custom recoveries. whatever the reason was, i suggested that he just "unroot"...
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    Post Unlocking bootloader and warranty...

    That's not true at all... i'm assuming when you say "that road" you mean the road to "brick-dom" and that's just plain wrong. It's not like your unlocked nexus' spl's gonna go flashing radio's and spl's on its own now. It's all about your decisions, so your decision to unlock your bootloader, is...
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    Post {Official thread} New lockscreen.. Questions?

    hah, thanks for doing what you do anyways pershoot, your charity work is greatly appreciated! :]
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod - No, you can't have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 - v4.2.15.1]

    i used advanced task manager, and i got a reboot as well :(