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  • i am new to this type of forum. i have had my diamond for sometime now but i have no idea how to apply any of these tweeks. if u can lend a helpful hand and lead me into the right direction i would appreciate it. thanks
    Can u tell me how to find this on my Diamond>? 1. Boost TFL3D Performance --> Using Advanced Config, change File system cache to 8mb and file system filter cache to 131072
    Salam Bro,
    I'm looking for maps for USA and Canada for Garmin Mobile XT for the Diamond. I would appreciate your help if possible. Thanks.
    I have a Diamond and CoPilot from my HTC Cruise. How did you get yours to work? what did you update? Error messages of "not authorized to install this software". I have not registered the CoPilot on my Cruise so there was not a need to deactivate it. Pls help. Thanks in advance.
    sorry for disturbing, I try to use phm registry editor on my diamond, but it didn't install, after some tries I try to install strng version but it didn't work fine. would you please help me
    Help!!! Radio Fm Increase Volume


    Hello to all, I have a small problem I want to increase the volume more fm radio, you know some changes registry files?

    Thanks to all who help me to find a solution
    sir i used to have your same rom, but now i updated it to elite and it is kinda slow, did you dump your rom cause if you dod can you send it to me. thankyou very much
    Sir i also got my htc touch diamond from dubai but i wanted to ask did you arabize your, if yes how did you do it. please reply back. thank you
    Hi mkhattab i am also in dubai... i was wondering if you cud tell me where you got ur touch diamond from as i am very intrested in gettin one fer myself... take care mate....
    Hello bro, im from Dubai too & i got my Diamond, just wanna know if you think touch flow 3d is a little slow ?? cheers
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