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  • i have a diam140 running android with the latest XDAndroid pacckage and latest zImage from glemson .... i am trying to connect to the PC running ubuntu 9.10 using adb ... i have the SDK downloaded the the path exported and the adb server running

    added the entry to
    $gksudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules

    SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0bb4", MODE="0666"

    $sudo chmod a+rx /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules

    $sudo service udev restart

    when i connect the phone to the USB the usb icon comes up next to the volume icon ... USB debugging is enabled

    $lsusb shows no device connected except the root hubs

    adb devices shows no devices !!!

    what am i doing wrong !!!

    i even added
    echo 2 > /sys/devices/platform/msm_hsusb/usb_function_switch

    to the eclair.user.conf file and restarted with the usb connected

    still no adb connection i am trying to get the internet on the phone via PC any suggestions ???
    phhusson, first thanks about your great work, when im able to im going to donate a few bugs to you.

    Second i have a question , afaik there is no accurate forum on the wiki page

    is that the only way to know what you are working on currently? which things have priority and when do you fix certain things or better try to fix them.

    Last time i heard that there is almost no chance topaz ever gets sound on android. How is the progress going so far? Is there i a priority list? Many thanks in advance.
    I have a gsm treo pro. GSM Treo pro's processor is msm7201-400MHZ.
    I download the file from "", but this doesn't work on my phone.
    The file is for cdma Treo Pro, and cdma Treo Pro's processor is msm7201-528MHZ.

    I don't know what is the mtype for gsm treo pro, maybe I should compile the haret.exe for it.But I have no idea how to do, can you help me?

    I got some information when I executed haret.exe and connected to my phone with telnet, maybe it can help you.

    Welcome, this is HaRET 0.5.2 running on WindowsCE v5.2
    Minimal virtual address: 00010000, maximal virtual address: 7FFFFFFF
    Detected machine Generic ARM v6/generic (Plat='PocketPC' OEM='Palm Treo 850')
    CPU is ARM ARM arch 6 stepping 4 running in system mode
    Enter 'HELP' for a short command summary.
    OI!!!!! hows it going buddy? well sinc noone will answer my calls and as I see it you have put forth much effort in this build so at 12 am my time when my paycheck clears you will have $50 in you account and I want to thank you for you work in this development and continue to let you know I will support this port in every way at all possible. when full functionality is running more cash will follow.
    Hey Phhusson was just wondering if the Raph Android thread is cooled down ( means major part of the development is over ) if you or Joe could help me get this on my Raph410 ( the 2G version of Raph )
    I have really been watching from the sidelines watching all the wonderful action taking place would love to have it too..
    You said a few moths ago when this project was new that you might help after the major development is over.
    Would be really grateful if you would.
    Really want it to run on my Raph 410.
    I'm trying to get mer ported to Raph. I created a thread here and am going to be on #mer on irc quite a bit the next few days if you can help; I see you already are active there.
    Is it tough to do that ?
    Can you guide me ?
    I would love to run ANDROID on my Raph.
    Any future possibilities ??
    Ok I think I've been looking at the wrong place with those wakeups in sleep_mode= 1/2 in Eclair. I think the reason is the same as the 30s in mode=2 in Donut, just at another frequence. I'll try comparing both behaviours to confirm and will try to fix navi to make sure there are no irqs during suspend (obviously there are as there are the lighting leds).
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