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  • Hi Rick

    I'm glad you like the program.

    You'll be please to know I have changed it so that it should work on most Windows Mobile devices. The LED notifications have gone as these were very specific to the Tilt, however it still includes the 'quiet' scheduled period with phone off and reminders for unread messages, as well as a new function that automatically takes your contacts birthdays and anniversaries and adds a calender entry for reminders of them approaching.

    I haven't yet released this version anywhere but it is almost complete. If you would like to test it on the Pro 2 I can send a CAB file to you. Just let me know if the email address you've supplied accepts attachments.


    Your program for the tilt was awesome. I just recently purchased a TouchPro2 from Verizon and what a phone.. its like the tilt on steroids.. bigger screen and 6.1. My question, your light control, power on and off program was soon nice for the tilt, have you ever used it on 6.1 or any other phone but the tilt? You past program deserves honors and I used it every day and more than willing to pay for it. I am not as concerned about the lights but more about the phone turning off and on automatically. I loved that feature and I cannot seem to find that anywhere, so if I forget to turn it off, someone might call in the middle of the night and wake me up. It was great, it turned off and you were able to assign certain perameters to the registry. I really want to get something to work for the HTC Touch Pro 2.. any ideas?
    Thanks for your reply.
    Rick Coulthurst
    rlc9999 @ earthlink.net
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