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    Post Question Unlocking bootloader will disable the camera?

    Which device is this, the SM-F926B or a US/Asian-variant?
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    Post UK Case thread

    Well, you know that I have ordered one too, Ian. Could it be that this is a first testrun, to see what the reviews will be? Or rather the perception of it. I have high hopes though. Might be the one. //P
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    Post Third Party Launchers

    Use Tasker to Run shell and do "pm set-home-activity com.teslacoilsw.launcher" for instance when in Nova. And vice versa with another launcher when you switch to the other screen. //P
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    Post Post (both of) your home screens

    Small & Big. Lawnchair as launcher. Pixel Icons Q Pack is icons. Unnamed background.
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    Post TWRP for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G (F916B)

    Just a reminder - for bits and bobs and small questions or chat about our device, feel free to join Ian's Telegram group here: https://t.me/infinityflex //P
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    Post Third Party Launchers

    I have a setup in Tasker that switches default launcher depending on a logcat event that confirms if the phone is folded or not. It works, but I have found that using Lawnchair as my launcher (especially for me with a minimum dpi of 900) works just as fine for both screens. It scales icons...
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    Post Any available root options?

    I dont have any experience with that service either, but what concerns the other possibilities they all depend on having the bootloader unlocked. You simple will not be able to flash anythint custom whatsoever with a locked BL. /P
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    Post [App] aodNotify - Notification Light / LED for S20, NEW: Notification preview!!

    Will the placement of the fingerprint circle be customised for the S20 later on? It's placement is a bit lower then the actual fingerprint sensor.
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    Post [APP][5.0+][ROOT][2020.12.21] LiveBoot (Logcat/Dmesg Boot Animation) v1.84

    Would love for Liveboot to work on Android 10, miss it terribly :)
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    Post [RECOVERY] [UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.4.0 for Galaxy S10 Exynos [G970F/G973F/G975F/G977B]

    Let's set the record straight once and for all shall we. If and when Ian gets changes to TWRP itself, the recovery, that makes it have a new feature, having a bug fixed or anything that is important for the recovery TWRP to do at all, I'm sure he will be very clear on what that is in his posts...
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    Post [ROM] BeyondROM V5.8 [15/11/19] [9.0 ASK1] [November Patch] [G973-G975-F/FD]

    Tell the OP to fix the rom? He hasnt responded in this thread since 29th of june. Maybe its time. /P
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    Post [ROM] BeyondROM V5.8 [15/11/19] [9.0 ASK1] [November Patch] [G973-G975-F/FD]

    Official canary (and soon beta and then stable) Magisk will not support erroneous changes to system anymore. It's conforming to Android Q and beyond. So if you upgrade Magisk you are not going to be able to boot this anymore or any other "custom" ROM if the maintainer doesn't start conforming...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Im not sure what you mean by slot, but the target image on the Samsung S10-devices have had a problem with a release just now (not the current one, that fixed it) where the Direct Install option in MM tried to flash the new version of magisk to /dev/block/sda14 where the correct one should be...
  14. PiCkLeS

    Post [Magisk] Root for the Galaxy S10 Series

    I've seen this a few times these past couple of weeks. It has _always_ been that the cable can't handle usb 3.0. If you have another usb port on the computer, switch to that one. And / or try another usb cable. I hate these kind of problems because of that advice. Cause it always feels and...